Welcome to Sailor Moon: Revelations. With War on the Horizon and the future-Queen held prisoner, will the Black Moon Clan triumph? Or will the forces of the White Moon rise from Elysion to take back what is theirs?

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Dates: Post Star City, in the Era of New Nemesis.

Weather: Skies are settling.

Black Moon Status: Those of the Black Moon Clan celebrate their victory, and name Diamond as the new King of Earth. With Serenity in his custody, the princess growing within her, and the Senshi having gone into hiding, their victory has come to pass. They build onto the Castle and create New Nemesis, opening shops and interesting places for their amusement, ready to start their lives anew here on the living planet Earth.

Citizen Status:After the destruction of much of Star City, it seems citizens have three choices laid out before them:
Give in, move into New Nemesis, and live under the rule of the Black Moon Clan.
Hide; stay where they are in Star City, or flee the area altogether, else survive by whatever means necessary until this crisis sorts itself out.
Fight. Join the Resistance, and take back Earth.

White Moon Status:Those of the White Moon, finding themselves surrounded and outnumbered, were transported to Elysion through Helios's powers. Now they plot, trying to find a way to win back the City, and the Earth, without risking their dear friends' life...

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learning new powers //Uranus

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1learning new powers //Uranus Empty learning new powers //Uranus on Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:46 pm

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune
White Moon
White Moon
Neptune was standing beside the water of Dream Lake. She knew she gained new powers since this war began but she wasn't able to test it. Being relieved of her post for a couple hours, allowed the woman to go and experience what she could go. Neptune bent down and took off her glove, slipping her hand into the water, she felt the water travel up her arm and she smiled softly, when she went to pull her hand, the water followed it, licking at her finger tips. Neptune released the water and stood up, taking in a deep breath. She didn't know how much longer she had to fight. What was happening was unsettling, everything was so dormant up until now. Neptune slipped back on her glove and closed her eyes, allowing the information to get unlocked.

((it's a really bad post, but here you go. I've been having trouble writing lately. :/))

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2learning new powers //Uranus Empty Re: learning new powers //Uranus on Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:57 am

Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus
White Moon
White Moon
The wind screamed in her ears, as the tall blonde made her
way to where she had felt her soulmate. For a very short time, they had been
given a reprieve, and she would put it to good use, just as she knew her
partner would also. (Normally, they didn’t mix business and pleasure, but this
time… this time, as they were in the middle of a a war, they could make an exception.)
Of course, as for the wind, though it was a relatively still moment, she could
always feel it moving about her, calling to her, whispering to her, caressing
her in a way she would never have allowed anyone save her beloved. She knew
no-one else could hear the movements of the wind, feel the shift of the air
around them, but she… she had always been able to. And, though at times she had
thought – and still thought, though few and far between – that she was losing
her mind… she had come to accept through years of fighting that the wind, the
air… it was naturally, integrally a part of her.

A part that would truly drive her mad, if she ever again
tried to deny. Yet… there were other reasons, she though at times that she was
mad… When she couldn’t stop thinking of the things her Father had often said to
her while she was growing up – useless, worthless, good-for-nothing, stupid,
and so on… When she couldn’t ignore that little voice in the back of her mind,
the one that kept saying she would never be good enough, no matter what she
did, that no-one really cared, and that she would be better off dead… When she
couldn’t fight her own inner demons anymore; that was when she truly
gave the thought that she was crazy merit. She pushed the thoughts away, as she
reached the Dream Lake, and her lover. She needed to stop thinking about this,
but she also knew that Neptune would sense her mood, if she didn’t.

She had already led her beloved into death three
times; she wouldn’t burden her with demons that weren’t hers to deal with.

((Sorry this took so long... life has been... bad... to say the least.))


learning new powers //Uranus Fotoflexer_photo-15-2
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3learning new powers //Uranus Empty Re: learning new powers //Uranus on Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:04 pm

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune
White Moon
White Moon
Neptune had stood back up, crossing her arms and looking out to the lake. There was not just one thing on the woman’s mind. This could be it. The final round in her life, and Neptune was genuinely scared for it. There was no way that Serenity would grant her and Uranus another chance, and it killed her softly on the inside. Neptune took in a deep breath before blinking back the tears that formed, she had to stay strong and not let Uranus see her like this. Uranus was already so fragile, the woman had been through a lot, but as her partner, Neptune vowed to stay by her side through everything.

And if one thing was for sure, Neptune never breaks a promise.

It wasn’t long before Neptune felt a different sense around her. It didn’t take long to decipher the emotions and realize that was Uranus, she looked over her shoulder at her, and turned, uncrossing her arms and walking over, resting her hands on the other’s arms, looking at her in the eye. “What’s wrong, Uranus?” She asked. She wouldn’t take some excuse for an answer. Not this time. Because if Neptune was right, it was the same thing she herself was worried about.

Everything about you is off, talk to me.” she rubbed her thumb against her skin, waiting for any type of reply.

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4learning new powers //Uranus Empty Re: learning new powers //Uranus on Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:58 pm

Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus
White Moon
White Moon
For one long moment, after she forced herself not to
reflexively tense at the touch (because it still happened, even now, even with
Neptune) the Uranian Senshi considered lying. And, though she hated herself all
the more for it in the next moment, she couldn’t deny that, in some twisted
sense, it was a good thing she had even contemplated it at all because, before,
she wouldn’t have even thought about it. Before, she would have simply lied
right off, and not even thought – not even cared about it because, back then,
lying was as natural as breathing to her. And, sometimes, though she hated it,
that old habit – that part of her that was still and always would be a
pathological liar – still reared its’ ugly head. She always managed to fight it
down, but still… it was there, and she got the feeling it would always be
there. Snapping from her daze, the blonde tried to smile for her beloved, but
she knew she didn’t succeed. Smiling at all wasn’t something she did very
often, unless it was needed for some specific purpose; though she wasn’t sure
when it had begun to change, she now felt sick at how easily she could fake
emotions on command, but never actually feel anything. That was why, even if it
disgusted her, she clung so tightly to Neptune, even if only for tiny moments
like these, and even if she weren’t actually touching her (the taller woman
herself was being held, at the moment).

She would forever cling to her partner, to the other half of
a soul she didn’t even know if she possessed because, though she would never
say it, Neptune was the only one who could evoke any sort of real emotion from
her that wasn’t the passion and blood-lust of battle. Even if they were small,
timid, stunted little things, the Senshi of the Seas would forever be the only
one who could ever evoke any emotions from the Soldier of Wind’s cold, distant,
proud, but tortured and impossibly fragile soul. And so, in the end, though her
speech was as hesitating as ever… she told the truth, and wondered if this
would be the last moment they had together, before they were taken to task for
all that they had done, and punished for good, this time. “Just…” She
broke off, closed her eyes, and took a breath to right herself. Opening her
eyes once more, the taller woman forced herself to continue. “Just… demons…
I should have dealt with… a long time ago,”
was all she could make herself
say at the moment. She wondered, if Neptune would know what she meant… and
supposed that it probably didn’t matter, even if she did want her to. Because,
if Neptune didn’t understand… then no-one understood, and that wasn’t a
prospect she wanted to contemplate.


learning new powers //Uranus Fotoflexer_photo-15-2
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5learning new powers //Uranus Empty Re: learning new powers //Uranus on Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:27 pm

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune
White Moon
White Moon
Neptune trailed her hands down to the other senshi's, lacing their fingers together. "Now's not the time to be thinking about that, my love." she murmured softly. Now really wasn't the time for anything. They had to focus on their mission, and that was trying to end the Black Moon Clan without dying, and no one could figure out what to do without their Queen. Endymion was useless for the moment and it was them against the universe.

"I can't lose you Uranus. Not now...there are too many lives at stake to be stuck in the past." She looked into Uranus' eyes, and knew the other was lost.

"Would it help soothe everything to talk about it?" She wanted to get Uranus to stop thinking about the demons, those bits and pieces of the past is what is holding her love back and Neptune hated seeing her suffer. She removed her hands from Uranus' and slipped them around her waist, stepping closer.

If there was any time to be intimate, it was now. Who knows when they would get another chance like this.

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6learning new powers //Uranus Empty Re: learning new powers //Uranus on Mon May 27, 2013 3:10 pm

Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus
White Moon
White Moon
Allowing her fingers to lace with her beloved’s,
the blonde swallowed down a sigh. Yes, she knew now wasn’t the time for such
things… but now, for some reason, she couldn’t separate her civilian self –
Amara Tenou – from the soldier she had been in her previous lives, and had
always been destined to be. Before, when they were battling the Silence,
fighting alone and then in small skirmishes and not-quite-together with the
Inner Court, it had been so easy… So easy, to have a firm distinction between
Amara and Uranus, but as time had gone on, it had become harder. No, she hadn’t
really noticed it, during the beginning of the fighting against Galaxia and
Chaos, but by the end… By the end, when she had dragged her beloved into Hell
with her, and killed her own dear daughter… By the end, she had known the two
personalities were beginning to meld.

She had, however, stupidly assumed that they would have no
more battles for a long time, and she could – despite always truly being a soldier
at heart – try and work on separating her two personalities once more. Her
intentions had completely backfired, however, and she had become complacent and
idle, and she had begun to hate herself even more for it. Her soulmate’s
speaking – "I can't lose you Uranus. Not
now... there are too many lives at stake to be stuck in the past.

– brought Uranus back to the present. For a moment, she couldn’t bring herself
to form words. She knew that now wasn’t the time, she had already thought about
that little fact too much… but to think of hurting her beloved even more, by
dragging Neptune down with her – again? No. It was not an option. The
blonde Wind Senshi wondered if this mean that she needed to kill her heart
again, at least until they had destroyed the Black Moon Clan once and for all
(she refused to acknowledge the pang in her heart, as a grinning redhead
flicked across her mind for a moment), then so be it.

She would do so, if it meant keeping her beloved, her
family, and those she had come to tentatively think of as friends over the
years safe, and to fulfill her mission. However, before she could force words
from her throat, Neptune spoke again, and Uranus shivered a bit, as her lover
slipped her hands and arms about her waist. Stepping closer as well, even
though she had just vowed to kill her heart again, the blonde wrapped her arms
about her beloved’s shoulders, murmuring, “Perhaps it would… but… I… I don’t
know if I can,”
into her partner’s aquamarine tresses. For one moment, she
allowed herself this, tucking Neptune close to her body, head under the taller
woman’s chin, as if this could protect her.

Uranus knew it couldn’t, but she wanted to believe, for one
small moment, that it could.


learning new powers //Uranus Fotoflexer_photo-15-2
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7learning new powers //Uranus Empty Re: learning new powers //Uranus on Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:26 pm

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune
White Moon
White Moon
Neptune looked up at Uranus. She gently raised her hand and ran it through her short, blonde locks. "Whenever you are ready, Uranus." she said softly before moving back to the lake.

Neptune needed to focus. It was one thing telling Uranus that but herself? It was never easy when she knew that her other half was hurting. Neptune rolled her shoulder's back before bringing her hands up again, feeling the connection to the water and taking a deep breath in as she focused on raising the water. As she did, she crossed her arms in front of her, the water turning into a spinning ball. She opened her eyes and raised her hands before the water dropped back into the lake.

Sighing softly, she turned to look at Uranus. "[b]Have you been trying out any of your new powers? If we have any chance of winning, might as well know what we can do now.." she said gently before turning back to the lake.

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