Welcome to Sailor Moon: Revelations. With War on the Horizon and the future-Queen held prisoner, will the Black Moon Clan triumph? Or will the forces of the White Moon rise from Elysion to take back what is theirs?

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Dates: Post Star City, in the Era of New Nemesis.

Weather: Skies are settling.

Black Moon Status: Those of the Black Moon Clan celebrate their victory, and name Diamond as the new King of Earth. With Serenity in his custody, the princess growing within her, and the Senshi having gone into hiding, their victory has come to pass. They build onto the Castle and create New Nemesis, opening shops and interesting places for their amusement, ready to start their lives anew here on the living planet Earth.

Citizen Status:After the destruction of much of Star City, it seems citizens have three choices laid out before them:
Give in, move into New Nemesis, and live under the rule of the Black Moon Clan.
Hide; stay where they are in Star City, or flee the area altogether, else survive by whatever means necessary until this crisis sorts itself out.
Fight. Join the Resistance, and take back Earth.

White Moon Status:Those of the White Moon, finding themselves surrounded and outnumbered, were transported to Elysion through Helios's powers. Now they plot, trying to find a way to win back the City, and the Earth, without risking their dear friends' life...

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Helios, Priest of Elysion

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1Helios, Priest of Elysion Empty Helios, Priest of Elysion on Wed Aug 15, 2012 6:59 pm


17, White Moon

General Information
Aliases : Elios, Pegasus, Lord of Dreams, Guardian of the Golden Crystal and of Elysion, Guardian of Prince Endymion, The Warrior-Priest.
Rank :: June 20th would be the birthday he would choose, on the Cusp of Leo and Cancer.
Status :White Moon Citizen, Guardian
Powers : Helios possess the ability to traverse the
dreams of all people and is able to manifest himself in those dreams to
influence and guide the individual.
He also can shape shift,
becoming many forms but most often choosing the form of the ancient
Greek horse, Pegasus. In this form he becomes a white horse, lithe and
strong like that of an Arabian with a muzzle so fine that he could drink
from a tea cup. A flowing mane and tail accompany him, almost rising
into the air like they were born from clouds. Great wings spread from
his back, allowing this fine boned equine to soar upon the winds.
also possesses a great power of prayer and belief. His thoughts and
wishes and hopes can grant strength to those who would be heroes as was
evident when he used the powers of Elysion to grant Sailor Moon and her
daughter, Sailor Mini Moon new weaponry and power. This power can be
used to heal minor injuries and sicknesses as well, aiding the body's
natural healing responses and especially effective on people who are
unconscious as they are in the dream world.

Physical Description : The eternally young Guardian of Elysion
is small in statue and childlike in his build. His lean frame is narrow
and muscles are not defined but he has a healthy color, like sun
bleached wheat. Helios' face is what could be described as beautiful for
a young man. He had a high brow, and a beautifully shaped eyes like
almonds. They shimmer with a golden light that seems to threaten to
burst forth, his dark pupils even the color of burnished and aged brass.
Long white lashes frame them like drops of snow, and his hair is soft
and fluffy like the down feathers of a newly hatched duckling. The long
strands airly sit upon each other but curl down around his scalp and
crown, tucked behind his ears and brushing his color. He has a roman
nose, but it is small and petite between his cheekbones. Two small
crystal drops hang from his ears on silver wire, faceted and cut so that
they catch the light. Smiles come easy to the lonely guardian of Dreams
for he has seem much beauty, and heartache, during his tenure, yet
there is a sadness in the curl of his lip for he has also been at the
dreams of humanity for far too long and has seen the horror and
desperation of dreams.

Uniform : This young man wears upon his form the
garb of the Guardians of old, though modified to serve the dreamer of
dreams. Gossamer fabric, a creamy white consumers his form, laid over a
sleeveless vest of opaque white satin. A collar of sky blue encircles
his neck, shielding a choker made of golden wire upon which a hemisphere
of hammered gold sits. Across his chest arch five golden coins, each
hammered and from each hanging a tassel of the royalest blue, like the
oceans of the once Golden Earth. A satin ribbon encircles his waist,
the long ends hanging over the opalescent tails of his vest which
flutter around his legs and flow behind him, trimmed in the same navy
ribbon. Simple satin finish pants complete the outfit, pleated along
the side with white boots that cover his feet.
If Helios was to
choose modern clothing, one would probably find him in a variety of
light color fabrics and airy, breezy designs. He would enjoy a turtle
neck but often with a jacket over it, sometimes with little silver
metallic details to bring out a bit of flash. He would more than likely
choose light, loose t-shirts and button down shirts, often leaving the
top button undone and perhaps proping his color just a bit. He would
choose loose jeans or pale khaki pants for his lower half, pairing them
with a good sturdy pair of boots or.. even daring to wear sandals! The
horror! A metallic necklace, probably gold, would hang around his neck,
maybe with a charm or two, and he would probably wear one of those
magnetic bracelets on his wrist, believing it's effects could help with
his inner chi and circulation.
Ever since his failure to protect
Endymion from the Black Moon Clan, and knowing now that the Four
Heavenly Kinds who guardian Endymion's physical body are absent, lost to
the ages, Helios has begun to study swordsmanship. The halls of Elysion
are filled with training materials, swords that have not rusted, and
with them he has educated himself into a rather haphazard swordsman. He
is by no means equal to the skills of the great Kings who guarded their
Prince before him, but he would lay his life down for his Prince, his
future Queen, and the Princess who would inherit it all.

Play-By :

History :Helios does not remember much of his life
prior to the destruction of Elysion and the Silver Millenia at the hands
of the woman calling herself Queen Beryl. He remembers happiness and
warmth, that there was much laughter in the halls of Elysion and that
the people loves and cherished their peace and their ruling family.
Helios remembers being a younger child, perhaps the age of four or five,
learning to be a priest.. but how long ago that was, he does not know.
The days flew by peacefully and Helios learned the culture and the
lifestyle of Elysion. It all came easily as if he was meant to be one of
them, and yet he was different.. almost invisible to them all except
the dream priests. Yes, the Dream priests, there were others.. there had
always been others.. ever since Elysion was created and even they did
not remember where they had come from or when the Kingdom had been born.
They too were created from dreams, the white knights who come to
protect the weak in their most vulnerable state.

So many years
ago.. so many lifetimes ago.. Elysion fell. The dreams stopped. Helios
still remembers watching the dreams of that woman fall apart. He watched
her tear herself apart for lost love, for a love that was never meant
to be and then, Helios watched as a blackness torn from the heart of the
sun itself.. an ancient demon that had been sealed their long ago, sunk
itself deep into the wounded woman's heart. The lady Beryl, a simple
common woman who worked in the palace became the twisted and defiled
Queen Beryl who commanded the powers of darkness and evil in the name of
Metalia, the Deity long ago sealed. With the command of powers of
darkness, evil, neglect, and most damaging of all, lost love, Beryl
called upon the minions of Metalia to lay seize to the Silver
Millennium. They came without warning, for the evil that lay dormant in
the sun was long forgotten by the outer Guardians. First came the attack
to Earth, laying waste to her beautiful forests, fields, and oceans, to
the white city of Elysion itself. Columns crumbled, buildings imploded,
Helios remembered the screams coming from outside the walls of the
temple, built so close to the people, yet it was his duty to stay
behind, for he could not run. Where could he? The young priest was
commanded to pray, and kneeling before the magnificence of the Golden
Crystal, he prayed for the safety of Elysion's dreams, of her Souls. No
one could be saved, but their souls could.
All around him the temple
crumbled, shaking as if an never ending earth quake had struck. A
massive crack tore through the marble, shifting the temple walls on
their foundation and with a pained groan, the roof began to cave in.
Dust fell and the priest raised his eyes to the crystal, shimmering and
hovering in front of him inside it's glass pedestal.. the motes of dust
slowed and came to a halt in the air, the deathly silence passing over
Elysion. He could feel it enclosing in on him, erasing the dreams of the
dead and dying. It would soon get to the crystal! His honey colored
eyes widened, hands unclasped.. the silence of Saturn.. the crystal
would be erased! And yet.. it's warm glow pulsed, and suddenly expanded
outward, capturing within it the dreams that remained, and in that
moment.. Elysion became a shell of itself.

A thousand years or
more passed in silence. Elysion had been trapped in that moment of
destruction by the power of the Golden Crystal, her souls frozen in
time, awaiting their time of rebirth when Elysion would rise again.
Helios was all alone, save for the ghostly maenads, spirits who he had
conjured up in time, almost alive, but soulless save for the magic that
bound them to him. Slowly, but surely, in time, he began to see the
dreams again, first.. with a newborn child. The first soul of Elysion
had been reborn. Picking up his old duty, Helios was filled with a
sorrowful happiness as he began his task of guarding and guiding the
dreamful from the limbo that was Elysion. Ages, and Ages passed..
familiar souls came to him, yet one always remained distant - the soul
of the Prince. Elysion's last heir had been the object of Beryl's
affection yet he had been so tearfully neglectful of her affections. How
often had she stood aside the court, watching him from afar; taking
great care to ensure that his meals were of his favorites, his quarters
always tidy; and also the dark haired maiden had a shy smile for him.
Yet the prince had become hopelessly smitten with the forbidden silver
haired Princess of the Moon, the daughter of the Queen of the Silver
Millennium whom his parents owed their allegiance to. Yet those who
dwelled on the moon were far different, aloft, and longer lived than
those below them. They were like dreams themselves and Helios could not
understand them.

Finally.. two bright, brilliant souls caught
his attention, mere children. One was incredibly bright, almost
frightfully so.. he had to shield himself from it, unable to ever visit
that dreamer for fear of losing himself forever inside her dreams. The
other, warm, bright and comforting, yet tragic and touched by sadness.
An orphaned boy, left alone and with no memory.. yet below the surface,
rising to fill the void left, was an ancient set of memories of a long
and proud life, of how to hold a sword, how to ride, how to sway court
politicians and how to rule, and the memory of a silver haired maiden.
The Prince Endymion, reborn as child named Darien, had come home to
Elysion once more.

Years passed and Helios guarded the child's
dream, protecting him from the remnants of Metalia's magic and Beryl's
influence until such a time when his memories re-awoken and in that
fragile, frightened state, he fell under her influence. He had
rediscovered who he was, though no one else on the Earth even remember
the time of Elysion. It was stressful for Helios, for he was linked to
Enydmion as much as he was linked to Elysion, and as the princes' heart
grew dark, so did Elysion. Then, came that light.. that strange..
wondrous Lunar light. The Princess of the Moon, Endymion's lost love,
had been reborn as well and gifted with the wondrous power of the
legendary Silver Crystal. The light healed all, and upon the final
defeat of Beryl and Metalia, did Elysion become restored.. The
structures that had been so badly damaged were restored, and flowers
once again bloomed. Crystal clear water once again flowed through her
rivers though the Golden Kingdom remained sealed off.. and it would
remain so until the day when the Prince would come home either to claim
the throne or destroy it.

That time nearly came once again when
the black roses of Nehellenia began to creep. Her magic.. born from the
same source as that of the White Princess was too much for the priest
and the maenads to keep at bay. She sought to destroy the remnants of
the Royal Family of the Moon and seize control of the Silver Crystal for
herself. The Queen of the Dark Side of the moon had tremendous power,
rivaling that of the Silver Crystal and so she swept into Elysion
seeking the Golden Crystal and with it the power of dreams. She sought
her beauty, for that was her dream, and a glorious dream it was but it
was full of shallowness and deceit. The Golden Crystal had long been
lost for eons and upon hearing this, the Queen Nehellenia was enraged.
She captured Helios easily, and sealed him inside a golden cage inside
Elysion's temple, but also sealed him inside his own dream - a first for
the young man. Once trapped, the priest Helios took the form of a
Pegasus, one of many dream creatures, a creature that Nehellenia could
not keep captured. Her imprisonment weight heavily on his body, the link
between the two manifesting itself on his head as a horn as the
priest's soul was able to leap from dream to dream.

It was in the
dream world that he saw, for the briefest of moments.. the brightest of
all dreams, pure and innocent, both gold and silver, and within it a
young woman, hair drawn up into long tails, praying and pleading for him
to find her. And so he ran, from dream, to dream, trying to find the
light of that dream again and the maiden. He tried to reach his Prince,
but Nehellenia had gotten to him as well, her black roses welling up
inside his dream and weakening him. He was lost.. much like a child..
hopeless and slowly becoming weaker and weaken until the night when he
stumbled upon the dream of a young child, a Rini Tsukino. A child's
dream, so warm, and comforting, was safety for him and though his senses
told him not to stop running, he did. Lingering inside her dream, he
learned that she was the daughter of the Moon Princess.. and also the
daughter of his Prince; a Guardian of Earth as Sailor 'mini' Moon. Using
the power of Dreams, he granted new abilities to the young child and
her mother, to their soldiers as well, though he remained hidden and
mystery for Helios was terrified and also horribly dishonored that he
had failed his prince. As he continues to hide, it becomes clear to him
that young Princess Serenity, 'Rini' as she was called, possessed the
power of the Golden Crystal - that she could reunite it and banish the
darkness. It was she who gave him the strength to reveal himself to
Endymion, Darien, revealing who he was.. and what his role was. That
same dark shadow that filled the man's lungs, poisoning him, was
poisoning the priest as well.

The Prince had to return home, and
it was with much trepidation that Helios brought him and the Sailor
Soldiers into Elysion, the land of dreams, and once the Golden Kingdom
of Earth. They found the restored land filled with Brier bushes and
black roses. The sky was darkened, and no light shown save for the
eerie, greenish glow that came before a storm. He led them to his body,
trapped within a cage, and unconscious for he was merely a dream of
himself. He revealed to Darien and Serena that the Golden Crystal had
once been as powerful as the Silver Crystal and that the two were
linked, but it had been lost - possibly inside Darien himself but Helios
had never been able to locate it. With the last of strength fading, he
could no longer escape in dreams, he sent them away from Elysion and all
became silent.. a Solar Eclipse was creeping across Earth.

a glorious battle, Sailor Moon and her soldiers defeated Nehellenia,
sealing her within the dark-side of the moon once again. The cage around
his body and soul evaporated and he awakened, groggy but alive to be
greeted by that pink haired child whose dreams led him them. He realized
then that she had been the maiden who had called to him, the Princess
Lady Serenity.. daughter of King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity. It was
rightfully time then.. for Elysion to receive its king. As the last
remaining Elysian, Helios conjured a staff for the King from the clouds
and the sky, a golden shaft of sunlight upon which he placed the Golden
Crystal of Elysion. The priest presented it to his King, who upon taking
it was suddenly whisked into being, crafted by magic into the Future
and Current King, and beside him, the Princess Serenity was transformed
by her own magic, and the magic of the two Crystals coming together into
the Future and Current Queen. A coronation of sorts as Elysion sprang
back to life, more vibrant than it had ever been in the time since the
fall of Silver Millennium. Life returned to Elysion, creatures of all
sorts began to be dreamt into existence and for the first time ever..
the souls of Elysion returned, though without corporeal bodies. These
souls now lived on the surface of Earth, and Earth would one day be
Endymion's Kingdom. Elysion was now an ancient relic of the past but for
those souls in limbo, between lives, it was home. Helios rejoiced, glad
that he was finally not alone in a sense, and he thanked his King and
Queen, returning them to the Earth. Earth itself, though once a grand
Kingdom, was not ready to realize it's true destiny yet... Endymion and
Serenity had time.

Helios bid them farewell, bowing to them, but
kneeling to the little girl who's dream had be his savior. He took her
hand and kissed it gently, addressing her as Princess before he summoned
the dream Pegasus once again, this time a creature of it's being. The
priest rode into the sky on the wings of a dream, fading into the
sunlight as he slipped the bonds between the worlds and returned to his
Her dreams were the brightest of all

Other :


Personal Information
Birthday : June 20th if he had to choose a birthday.
Birthplace :Elysion
Current Residence : The Temple-Palace of Elysion
Family : None.

Blood Type : A type
Orientation : Heterosexual
Significant Other: None
Pet : One could consider Pegasus a pet, but the Lord of Dreams is a sentient creature all of his own.

Fears : Helios fear failure above all else. He
has been charged with a task, one that has guided his life for
centuries, perhaps even millenia.. The dreams of humanity are what drove
the Golden Kingdom of Elysion, and even though that Kingdom is gone, it
still lives on in the dreams of its' lost people. The kingdom sits
alone and empty.. but the ghosts still haunt it's halls. He fears
failing his Prince and future King, he fears allowing the last bits of
humanity fall to darkness, and so he paces the halls in solemn prayer
for the dreams of the dying. He wields the dreams against the darkness
that creeps into them. Every dream that dies is a failure to him, one he
could not protect.
He fears losing his fragile ties to the world of
earth. He formed a friendship with a human girl, granted the future
daughter of his King, and that bond has weakened. She returned to the
future.. a time he could not see even in dreams, and though he has felt
her presence returning to his time, he dares not visit her dreams for
fear she has changed. He instead watches from afar.. that little flutter
of light in the corner of her eye. He knows that she thinks of him, but
also feels that he should keep his distance. He is a Guardian of
dreams, doomed to remain in them, and she has a life full of new
experiences to live.
He fears being unable to guard the Dreams of
his Prince. Though he knows Darien, Endymion, is well capable of
defending himself physically (And that is the role the four heavenly
kings shared as well), The Prince has fragile dreams and a fragile
mentality that Helios has.. unseen.. be able to maintain for the life of
the Prince. During the dark years after the death of his parents,
Helios often crafted wonderful dreams for the little boy and so he feels
a certain fondness for having watched his Prince grow up again.. though
he could not know what the future held for him. It was the Guardian's
weakest moment when, captured by Nehellenia, the darkness seeped into
the Prince's heart and thus his own heart. [/size][/size]

Desires : [size=9][size=7]His deepest wish is to be free, to be able
to dream, and to be able to live. As the Guardian of Dreams, Helios is
forever bonded to the fate of Elysion until released from his duties. He
is always awake and never dreaming. He sees the dreams of others, lives
in them, but never dreams for himself. Even if one is to catch him
resting, his eyes closed, he is never truly asleep. His guard is always
up, his mind always open, searching for the dreams that need protection.
It is tiring.. and thankless.. and the Guardian has grown weary. Yet he
can not simply walk away.. not until the jewel that binds him to his
immortal life is removed.. and only by the heir of Elysion.
desires companionship. Save for the Maenads, nearly autonomous
priestesses that are born of the dreams of Elysion, he has never had
much company. He never truly found a friend until when in desperation he
sought the light of the dream of Princess Lady Serenity, though he did
not at first that the child he found there was the maiden who gave him
the strenght to escape his captor. Untrusting at first, and rather cold,
the guardian took to her innocence and sweetness when he was trapped
and imprisoned by the spell of Nehellenia. She was his escape, and so he
spent many a night speaking with her from the Stallion RĂªve and from
within her dreams. In returning to Elysion, he has found himself alone
once again.. but the return of the Black Moon once again threatens
Elysion and though they may have not planted their black crystals deep
within Elysion yet, Helios is cautious.

Habits : Helios is fond of wandering through the
Gardens of Elysion, lost in thought when presented with a difficult
situation, such as a nightmare that he must conquer that has presented
itself in a child's dream.
He enjoys studying and reading
philosophy, having spent much of his life browsing the old works of the
Scholars of Elysion. Through dreams he has been able to learn about the
philosophers of Earth and their ideas. He also enjoys various and simple
games having developed himself into a chess master against the Maenads.

The temple of Elysion and of dreams lies at the center of the old
palace grounds, surrounded by a lake... as such Helios is fond of
fishing, though he will always throw his catch back. Food was abundant
in Elysion.. created by the dreams of the old souls of Elysion and there
was no need to kill his catch.
Helios has never had his
eavesdropping on dreams affect him before, and it is this habit of dream
walking that might one day find him in trouble. He over hears what he
should not and sometimes his good intentions to try and fix a problem,
or bring someone joy, can cause trouble.

Pet Peeves : Out of the few experiences he has in the
world, Helios has yet to discover many pet peeves. He knows that he does
not approve of littering as he remembers the world how it used to be,
when Elysion was real and covered the surface and did not lie in
people's forgotten dreams, the time before the great cataclysm that was
the destruction of the Silver Millenium. He still sees tremendous beauty
in the world, in every being of life and especially in the dreams of
Those who have those dreams crushed will find the Guardian
by their side. He knows the dreams and hopes of all, and believes they
can all achieve them.. but as we all know too well the world crushes and
destroys dreams. It is these broken dreams that bring the Guardian
pain. He hates to see people abused.. those who dreamed of careers of
rock stars, stuck working in dead end fast food, those who dreamed of
helping others and healing unable to rise above simple retail, those who
dream of laughter and love.. alone.

Strengths : Though he has yet to show this side of him, and he himself does not known yet it, Helios is an incredibly brave young man. Living eternally has given him no fear of death but the heavy weight of Elysion's fluctuating state wears on him like a disease. Yet in it's darkest hour, he may shine.
He is calm and very patient, bringing peace by simply being. Rarely does he raise his voice and his level head and kean thoughts allowed him to escape Nehellenia and remain in hiding for months while his body suffered the brunt of their abuse.

Weaknesses : Helios is linked very personally to Elysion and to Endymion. When either is in harm, or in danger of succumbing to the darkness that lurks in all hearts, Helios can become very ill and weak. this manifests itself in a general tiredness, but also in aches and pains.

Helios is naive to the modern world and easily defeated by cellphones.

Personality Traits : The Guardian of dreams is kind and gentle,
if not having gained much understanding during the millennium he spent as
a dream walker. He has the patience of perhaps a saint, able to witness
the inner psychology of one unfold over many nights, many weeks, many
dreams. He has an airy sort of presence around him, a delicateness as if
he was made from spun glass. Each move is deliberate and calm, not
burdened by the weight of a mortal life.

Yet there is a sadness to him. For he has been alone for so long with only the Maenads for company and they are incomplete souls. He has watched lives be born.. grow.. find happiness and then die and leave him behind. He can never accompany them on the journey back to the stars, forever stuck in limbo. He has watched Endymion's life carefully.. carefully weaving threads for his accession to the throne of Elysion, and also.. dreaming of the kind girl who befriended him when he was trapped. He seeks to please her through his actions, tending the gardens of Elysion and learning what he can of the courtly arts to pass his time should he meet her again.

What does anger Helios is threats against others. His own body he could care less for, but he is
very protective of his Prince and Future King, the Princess and Future Queen,
and their daughter. Though he has rarely any chance to become enraged in the past, one might be startled to see the quiet priest upset for his is a cold and deliberate anger that is much like a winter's frost suddenly coming in the night.

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