Welcome to Sailor Moon: Revelations. With War on the Horizon and the future-Queen held prisoner, will the Black Moon Clan triumph? Or will the forces of the White Moon rise from Elysion to take back what is theirs?

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Dates: Post Star City, in the Era of New Nemesis.

Weather: Skies are settling.

Black Moon Status: Those of the Black Moon Clan celebrate their victory, and name Diamond as the new King of Earth. With Serenity in his custody, the princess growing within her, and the Senshi having gone into hiding, their victory has come to pass. They build onto the Castle and create New Nemesis, opening shops and interesting places for their amusement, ready to start their lives anew here on the living planet Earth.

Citizen Status:After the destruction of much of Star City, it seems citizens have three choices laid out before them:
Give in, move into New Nemesis, and live under the rule of the Black Moon Clan.
Hide; stay where they are in Star City, or flee the area altogether, else survive by whatever means necessary until this crisis sorts itself out.
Fight. Join the Resistance, and take back Earth.

White Moon Status:Those of the White Moon, finding themselves surrounded and outnumbered, were transported to Elysion through Helios's powers. Now they plot, trying to find a way to win back the City, and the Earth, without risking their dear friends' life...

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I give my all for my King (Endymion/Helios; others are welcomed)

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The Elysion Sun was a strange sight. Since being trapped outside of the normal dimension, Elysion possesed no sun, nor no moon. Only a sky that seemed forever aglow with the daylight or moonlight that was reflected on Earth. It was a world that existed alone. The strange light shown in through the tall windows, casting a warm glow on the wooden floors that covered this upper segment of the Temple Palace. The young man stood in the private chambers of the King, in a small kitchen that was attached for the use of servants serving the Kings once upon a time. All of the dishes had remained carefully stacked throughout the centuries, with Helios removing those that had been destroyed and restoring the ones he could. In his hands he held a silver tea pot, lightly etched and polished till it shown, pouring a cup of tea for his King. The floral scent lifted to his nose, followed by notes of a woody, almost smoky smell that was unique to this Elysion brew. The cup was carefully crafted porcline, eons old with a maize blue design painted upon it. Inhaling, the Priest instantly felt the calm, relaxing sensations the tea provided, clearing away clouded minds.

He set the tea kettle down on the tray, another work of sheer mastery in silver, Neither tarnished nor blemished. A silken cloth was laid across, a delicate iron stand and candle provided to persevere the warmth. The King.. uncrowned though he was, had returned to Elysion. Finally.. As Helios gathered up the rest of the needs for Tea, he thought about how joyous his heart had been in the moment in which Endymion had stepped onto Elysion soil, how every single living thing seemed to sing with exultation.

But it became clear that things were not to be so soon. The flaxen haired Maiden who had been foretold as Queen was not with him, stolen away at the recitation of her vows. The Shadow Mirage had revealed itself on Earth, having hidden in the in between of the worlds. Though Helios had never seen the Crystal Palace himself, he recognized the Shadow Mirage as a bastardization of the structure. It had all become clear in that moment and without thinking, nay, without even feeling, He had summoned upon all the powers of Elysion, all the powers of the Golden Crystal, the powers of the priesthood. Those around him in that scared space had been slumbered, their souls expedited to Elysion through dreams. It was a dangerous move.. ripping bodies and souls out of Time to this world without a sun nor a moon. It was a power he did not even know he possessed.. nor how to reverse it. He suspected.. that Pegasus.. the older, wiser, eternal creature, knew just what he had done and perhaps had been the one to instigate it (the pair did posses bonded souls after all), to have forced his hand. The Equine would not say.

Since that day, the uncrowned King had kept to himself, sealed in the chambers he had claimed. The priest did not press his master, but only served him. These matters.. He thought as he lifted the tray and began to turn, They are not your concern. You protect the dreams of those remaining, those Elysion souls who have no found their way home. You serve your King.. But Elysion already was showing ill. There were subtle signs.. the way the light changed.. the way bird songs changed their tone, the way the roses in the garden had started.. just barely to lose their color. Eyes untrained, eyes unbound, would not notice these changes just yet. The Priest was bound to Elysion, as Elysion was bound to the King. What the King suffered, he suffered and vice versa. It was why his dreams were the most important.. but even these night mares the Priest could not keep at bay. It was almost as if Endymion would not allow himself to be soothed. His upper lip raised in the subtlest of snarls at the thought. How.. Noble? Foolish? The jewel embedded into his forehead glinted as Helios passed a mirror. He gazed at himself, golden eyes that seemed devoid of the truest of emotions, and saw for a moment.. the presence of a laughing smile.

He turned away and carried on.

"..Your Majesty, I brought you tea."

Two days, and still nothing had changed.

He sat on his bed in the Royal Quarters of the Temple of Sun and Earth, quarters that he had learned had once been home to his parents during the Silver Millennium. He was fully dressed in the regalia of his former life, his feet planted firmly on the marble floor, his elbows on his knees, hunched over as his sight floated somewhere outside the window. However, he wasn’t seeing the treetops of Elysion, the beautiful gardens marred by the ever-growing city of tents of the refugee camp; in truth, he saw nothing, vision blurred beyond seeing.

Five days since it had happened. Two days since the event some referred to as the “golden awakening”, and the subsequent trips into old Star City. Two days since “King” Diamond had officially conquered the world and crowned himself its ruler. Himself and… his heart squeezed in his chest, remembering the initial shock at hearing what Diamond had done. Naming Serena as his Queen, and she… she accepted. The city was in shambles. The world was in shambles. His life was in shambles, and while he wanted nothing more than to sit like this all day long, turning his mind off and just existing without feeling or thinking, he knew that that was a luxury he could not afford. Someone had to step up, to lead the senshi, his kings, the knights, and his people to defeat the Dark Moon and take back their planet and their future. Covertly. So He would have no reason to hurt her –

…Your Majesty, I brought you tea.

Endymion woke, his sight coming back to him as he turned to see Helios in the doorway, an ornate tea set in his hands. Tea together had become almost like a tradition with them, even in just the five days they had spent together; even in the haze he had been in when he first arrived, he vaguely remembered the Priest of Elysion visiting him with tea to keep him hydrated, if not fully functioning. He enjoyed Helios’s company; the white guardian seemed focused, grounded, and dependable – all qualities that helped to keep Dari—Endymion calm and rational.

Thank you, Helios,” he greeted, “Please come in. Any news this morning?


I give my all for my King (Endymion/Helios; others are welcomed) Endyredo1_zps29cb486a
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The Priest took the King's words and approached; he did so quietly and with a solemn look upon his face. One was always solemn with the King.. Courtiers were for laughing, for socializing, for cavorting. A priest was for matters of grave importance.. for the dreams that were at the heart of Elysion.. for matters of good and evil. He was quiet as he stepped, his long coat tails swishing along his legs. Lowering the tray to the ottoman that was in front of the king's feet, made out of a firm and crackled leather of creamy hide. Cupping the designed porcelain his hand, Helios offered it to the dark haired King in Silence.

"Any news this morning?

He had nothing to offer as he felt the King's warm fingers brush his, taking the cup of tea. Those first days he had been nearly catatonic with the Priest standing near by with the tea until it grew cold.. only to pour a new cup.. again and again until his gentle pleading and persuasion had convinced the King to take it. Now, at least the young man, a simply and plain golden band on his left hand, was speaking. Helios canted his head to the side, a sadden look to his eyes that drooped. Yet there was something more to those eyes. Here he was.. a man who would be King.. who could have it all. They could just close the gates between the worlds and allow Elysion to live on. What was Earth but merely a soulless clone of the glory of Elysion? Earth had long ago lost that wonderful touch it had with nature, with the purest of Human thought. Only children held that seed anymore.

"No, your Majesty. No word that I have heard." Yet, Helios was not making himself available to the senshi, even if they wished to speak to him. There was a disconnect between them. They were newer souls.. they did not remember Elysion and the Silver Millennium the way he did.. They did not remember the way Elysians were trapped upon their planet. Forbidden to even visit the sky gods. He pressed his lips together in a firm line, but said no more.

The Priest kept to himself, often times in the gardens or at the lake on the palace grounds. He wandered the corridors that were so empty, that no one had dared to go down except for him. He knew all the dusty, old books and scrolls like old friends.

Endymion took the cup from the priest’s hands, barely noticing the craftsmanship and intricacy of the gilded designs tracing across the porcelain as he raised the vessel to his lips. Just a sip of the warm, comforting liquid was all he received, as Helio’s report caused an involuntary tensing of his muscles and an immediate loss of appetite. “Nothing?” Two days. Over forty-eight hours. Forty-eight hours more of Serena with that – that -- Anger, so familiar an emotion now, flared through him, taking complete control as Diamond’s face swam through red-hazed vision. Before he knew what was happening, he was standing, the cup flying across the room to smash against the wall. The shattering sound provided only minimal satisfaction. Energy threatened to burst from his very being – he paced the room, prowling dangerously before the expansive windows. He rounded on Helios. “NOTHING?!” he yelled, eyes ablaze.

>.< that took far too long to write. I had envisioned like 6 different scenarios for Endymion’s reaction x_x it took a while to choose. I was going to continue this, but I think his further tirade or subsequent calming would have to do with how Helios reacts, so….
X_X sorry again that this took so long


I give my all for my King (Endymion/Helios; others are welcomed) Endyredo1_zps29cb486a
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The priest's report was brief, concise, and painfully true. He had not heard from the soldiers any news of the Queen, nor was it of his nature to inquire as to such. The dreams and the emotional well being of the Elysians, those that had crossed the gates Helios had ripped open between the worlds were his main concern - the Queen had her Guardians, and Elysion's people as well as Endymion had his.. him. His skin was a warm alabaster in the light as his gaze rested on the King's ebony hair.. the King who did not even lift his head to acknowledge his Guardian who prayed and worked selflessly for him day and night. There was a twinge of emotion.. the slightest hint of a frown as the King seemed to reject his offer of comfort, but Helios.. ever the stoic gentleman's gentleman did not even flinch at the sound of the shattering teacup. Instead, the young man lifted his golden eyes as his Majesty rose and followed the man as he hurled his teacup, striding forward only to wheel around on the priest. One could almost feel the very winds of Elysion stirring in a torrent towards Helios, twisting in his thin hair. In his heart, his soul, he felt the shuddering of the Golden Crystal.

"Yes, Your Majesty. I am aware of nothing that has changed the situation. The Queen's Guardians have not shared any information with me regarding her plight or imprisonment.." He allowed his voice to trail off for a moment. As Guardian and High Priest of Elysion, Helios had taken it upon himself to tend to the refugees. He spent his days seeing to their needs with the Maenads, healing those who had been injured or sick physically prior to entering the torn asunder gate, as well as tending to the wounds of their mind. They were like frightened children... families separated when the gates had closed to those without sailor crystals. He also tirelessly tended to those left behind, searching for anguish and suffering

"What I know of the situation on Earth comes to me through dream walking, Your Majesty." He lifted a hand in the direction of the shattered teacup, where it lay crumpled on the polished floor. Flexing his wrist and canting his head to the side, the pieces of porcelain rose up into the air, as did globules of tea. Another gesture towards him and the cup flew over gently, reassembling itself within his hands. The tea poured back into the cup with the slightest of sloshing. Helios dropped his gaze from the challenging King as he placed the cup down. "The Queen dreams still. She is safe, and she is alive and she dreams of Your Majesty. That has not changed and that is all I have seen."

"Yes, Your Majesty. I am aware of nothing that has changed the situation. The Queen's Guardians have not shared any information with me regarding her plight or imprisonment.."

How could Helios be so calm?! Was the priest made of the same alabaster stone that ran throughout the walls? She was out there, all alone, bending to their will! The anger disappeared momentarily, anxiety slipping in seamlessly to fill the void. Who knew what Diamond was doing to her? Last time... Serena had told him exactly what happened last time. It had taken weeks for her to fully open up to him about the situation, crying into his shirt in his room, shaking no matter how he tried to comfort her. Her voice had been strained and broken and filled with pain and shame - such undeserved shame. The loneliness, the powerlessness, the kiss Diamond stole against her, it had taken all night and many nights after to help her move past it and start to forget. Still, though, sometimes when they slept in a different place, she would wake up, look around, and start to panic, searching desperately for her locket with shaking hands until he caught her and told her it was alright.

That was a kiss. If Diamond... Anger returned in a rush - if Diamond tried anything he would make him pay for it in kind! He just needed to get up there! He needed to find Diamond's hideout and figure out a way around his defenses, see what numbers he had at his command and muster a force to fight them! And, as things were going, it appeared that he would have to be the one that did it! What were the scouts doing that they had yet to find Diamond's hideout?! Had yet to discover what forces Diamond really had! Diamond claimed to have taken the entire planet - how many droids did they command this time? How many demons? How many members of the Black Moon Clan were there, really? He spun around to look out over the refugee tents. Today. Today he would take his Kings into the city and do what the Senshi were apparently unable to. He was strong enough now - two days of rest was more than adequate.

"What I know of the situation on Earth comes to me through dream walking, Your Majesty." Helios said, but Endymion was only half listening. Dreams? Who could dream in this nightmare reality? Nephrite was good with navigation - he could find their location no matter where that portal spat them out. Should they wait for nightfall? Were droids and demons nocturnal? He turned back to Helios to ask him for answers, only to see the teacup he had smashed rise from the floor, reform, and land back on the tea tray, the tea sloshing back in place. The trick could be really useful... "The Queen dreams still." Helios continued.

Endymion's mind froze, vulnerability stealing his anger-fueled strength as he hung on Helios's every word.

"She is safe, and she is alive and she dreams of Your Majesty."

Relief and gratefulness washed over him, his face crumpling and threatening tears at having received the information he craved most. His heart seemed to beat more completely. She is safe, and she is alive the words both a cool balm and a comforting duvet; and she dreams of Your Majesty, - those were what took the final traces away. She... he reached up to grab the tiny silver ring that Andrew had returned to him, and held it.

"That has not changed and that is all I have seen."

Endymion looked upon his High Priest, standing so formally before him, taking all of Endymion's selfishness and anger without comment and still offering him all of the support Endymion could ever ask for. He never had to want for anything - Helios seemed to anticipate all of his needs and wants, from the comfort of morning tea to... to seeking out his wife's dreams to assure him of her safety. "Helios," Endymion began, wondering how he could erase the mental and emotional ramifications that outburst, wondering if there were any way so thorough as Helios had erased the physical. Unfortunately, the only thing he came up with was a heartfelt attempt at atonement, "I apologize for my behavior. I didn't mean to direct my anger towards you; I'll try harder in the future to remember whom I'm talking to."

In hopes of bridging the gap, he bent down to reclaimed the reformed cup and took a sip. Offering a tentative smile, still feeling embarrassed for ever having lost control and breaking the cup in the first place, he said, "I don't know how you do it - it's still warm." He paused, hoping the priest took the next in the way Endymion intended, rather than at face value. "Thank you, Helios. I don't know what I'd do without you here."

Not quite knowing what else to say, he left their conversation's direction open to the Priest. Standing beside him, sipping the miraculous tea, he asked, "Is there anything else going on?"


I give my all for my King (Endymion/Helios; others are welcomed) Endyredo1_zps29cb486a
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The priest could not feel much pity for the King. The King and the Queen had been separated during his time, kept apart by the laws of their respective realms. While that was tragic in it's nature, it was not nearly as important as the fate and balance of the whole Kingdom, Surely? It was foretold in the stars that the era of Crystal Tokyo would come to pass, Rini had told him that much.. but what of Elysion.. of him? She had never talked about him existing in the future. Perhaps..

His pale lips curled into the slightest hint of a Cheshire cat's smile as he watched and listened to the King. His apologize, stammering as he tried to convey his feelings, was taken with little fanfare from the Priest. He bowed his head in acknowledgement, strands of willowy white hair fluttering into his eyes, but he spoke nothing. . Helios did not.. feel hurt by the King's outburst.. no he felt hurt in a different way. The way the roses outside the windows wilted slightly, their color paled, when he had lashed out in anger. That had hurt his soul deeply.. but it was a grievous injury that could be mended by his simple words. And that cautious smile.

Helios was but a child next to the tall, dark haired King, and he raised his golden eyes to the man's face as he spoke with an age far beyond the King's own. "You are responsible, my Lord, for all that you see in Elysion and all that I do. I am but a vessel for the power of the Golden Crystal when it is not needed by your or your blood. I merely tend to it, your soul, and keep it at ease and at peace." Helios offered a rare glimpse into the workings of Elysion with such a simply explanation, gesturing to the tiny changes that were occurring around them even now as the Prince sipped his tea. To the untrained eye.. they might not see the slight yellowing of the wall paper fading.. the tiny, hair thin stress cracks that were now retreating across the glass, the way the roses on the window sill regained their color and perked up.

The Priest folded his hands behind his back as he glanced to the windows and the blue.. strangely sun-less but lit.. sky beyond it. A wistful sort of cloud crossed his gaze, that red jewel set upon his forehead glimmering as a facet face caught the light just right. "I am only sorry that I can not tend to your heart for it is beyond my power to change the hearts of Men." He spoke softer than before, a hint of morose in his voice as he recalled back to that day that the ancient taboos had been broken, that unrequited love had destroyed the world and in the end, the system. Love was a mystery to him... the greatest of all.

"Is there anything else going on?"

"My abilities are not like the Senshi. I am not an offensive force.. that is Your Majesty's Generals." Calming answering, the Priest hoped to offer some insight into what exactly his role was. Never had he ever taken an offensive move until recently - he kept his sword play secret because it was not.. refined. His opening of the Elysion gates had been a retreat -instinctive because of the great and terrible power that had threatened the planet. It was.. as if the dark crystal was a terribly bastardization of the Golden Crystal.

"The people tell me their fears and their hopes. They are frightened, terribly so.. even of Her Majesty's Senshi despite the good that they do. Many were separated when the gates were opened - the Golden Crystal could not save them all - and they seek word from Earth. Of friends.. of family.. Many children were pulled into this world.. and many children were left behind. Even young ones barely weaned. The Lady Maenads and I have been doing what we can.. bringing messages through the dreams to ease their souls, facilitating connections.. I spend every hour that I am not with thee in prayer." He confessed further as to what he had been occupying his time with. The priest's thoughts were not with a woman whom he had met only once and knew only by her wondrous dream that spread light throughout the universe. She was alive and well and if not content.. than sedate.

He needed to tend to his flock.

'There are kind hearts, Your Majesty, who have taken in the misplaced young among their own broods selflessly. It is working for the moment but there are still nightmares, My Lord." Helios spoke calming yet with a stern and steady tone to his voice. He sought to remind the King that he was not the only man who had lost his wife, his family, his future at the moment. The dark haired man loomed over him, nearly a foot taller and certainly much heavier and stronger than the priest but Helios dared to remind him that he was not the only one who suffered.

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