Welcome to Sailor Moon: Revelations. With War on the Horizon and the future-Queen held prisoner, will the Black Moon Clan triumph? Or will the forces of the White Moon rise from Elysion to take back what is theirs?

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Dates: Post Star City, in the Era of New Nemesis.

Weather: Skies are settling.

Black Moon Status: Those of the Black Moon Clan celebrate their victory, and name Diamond as the new King of Earth. With Serenity in his custody, the princess growing within her, and the Senshi having gone into hiding, their victory has come to pass. They build onto the Castle and create New Nemesis, opening shops and interesting places for their amusement, ready to start their lives anew here on the living planet Earth.

Citizen Status:After the destruction of much of Star City, it seems citizens have three choices laid out before them:
Give in, move into New Nemesis, and live under the rule of the Black Moon Clan.
Hide; stay where they are in Star City, or flee the area altogether, else survive by whatever means necessary until this crisis sorts itself out.
Fight. Join the Resistance, and take back Earth.

White Moon Status:Those of the White Moon, finding themselves surrounded and outnumbered, were transported to Elysion through Helios's powers. Now they plot, trying to find a way to win back the City, and the Earth, without risking their dear friends' life...

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Sailor Ceres

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1Sailor Ceres  Empty Sailor Ceres on Wed Aug 22, 2012 4:15 am

Sailor Ceres

Sailor Ceres
White Moon
White Moon
Sailor Ceres
18, White Moon

General Information
Aliases : Iris Vier
Rank : Leader of the Sailor Quartet
Status : Senshi
Powers : As the Senshi of growth Ceres has the power over plants...flowers in particular

Physical Description :
Ceres is a average height girl, standing at about 5'8" with long legs and sensual curves. She can be mistaken for older than what her actual age is with how mature she acts to strangers but those that know her well know that she can be just as young and fun loving as the rest of her sisters. Her hair, once a light pink had been tinted to a strawberry blonde to better fit into the past society, it is also decorated with either her signature yellow bow or a variety of flowers (hair clips or real) or a combination of both. Ceres likes to wear makeup do herself up for no reason...even if she is just going to the store she doesn't like to leave without looking perfect. Her eyes are a grayish violet and her skin is a milky white, having gone to great lengths to make sure it stays its pale and procelin color.

Uniform :
Ceres uniform is similar to the other Eternal Uniforms of Sailor Mini Moon and Sailor Moon. The choker, collar, and skirt were pink and the center of her grey front bow was a pink five-pointed star. She has round white puffed sleeves with two strips of white fabric attached to the bottom. Her gloves go up to her upper arms, and are edged with three strips of pink fabric. The back bow was light pink, boots were knee-high and white, and have a pink V-shaped border with a five-pointed star at the top. Her tiara is thin with a pink five-pointed star and her earrings are round and pink.

Play-By : Deborah Ann Woll

History :
Ceres story starts out with the Dead Moon Circus... She along with her sisters became members of the Dead Moon Circus when they were playing in Elysion, the dream world, and Nehellenia came to them in a mirror, telling them that for awakening her with their beautiful laughter, she would give them power and the ability to dream forever, never growing old. She turned their dreams into Amazon stones. The mission of the Amazones Quartetto is to find the beautiful dreamer with the Golden Mirror containing Pegasus. When she finds a target that interests her, she will do anything to get that target to claim the job. The members of the Amazones Quartetto tease Zircon and Zirconia endlessly, and would rather play than work, but Queen Nehellenia always continues to pamper them and give them more power. When Nehellenia captures ChibiMoon, the girls of the Quartetto steal her away and replace her with a doll because they want to play with Pegasus. They are caught, and as punishment, their powers are to be granted to Zirconia. They were faced with a decision: they could either die as their powers were drained and given to Zirconia, or give up their powers and grow up to be adults. They choose to become adults, giving up their powers. In the end, they help the senshi retrieve the stolen Golden Crystal away from Queen Nehellenia by replacing the crystal with a small golden pineapple when the Queen isn't looking. - The Oracle

After helping the Senshi and being reveled to be Sailor Senshi and the guardians of the Princess they return to their slumber until the time came when they would be needed. The awoke again in the 30th century when Rini was ready to become a full fledged Senshi, staying behind when their Princess traveled back in time for the wedding of Serena and Darien. The girls waited, rather bored until they received a wedding invitation of their own. They were ecstatic about the chance to travel back to watch the wedding and be there for their princess, everything had been going well until the attacks.

As the Black Moon attacked the girls transformed but not before they, along with Rini were sent back to the future by Sailor Pluto. It didn't take long for them to realize that this future was not the future they left, there was no Crystal Star...but a Dark Crystal Star and enemies that should not be there. The girls sought out the Senshi to offer their help but were horrified to find that in this future the Senshi were no more. Doing what they could the quartet tried to fight but were no match and eventually they all decided to return to the past to help and give the Prince what information they could.

Other :
Is also a acrobat and trapeze artist from her time spent in the Dead Moon Circus, Ceres likes to climb and hang from trees...especially during the springs when all the trees are in bloom.

Also dabbles a little in fortune telling, using tarot cards and tea leaves...a skill she likes to practice with the girls, always willing to read their leaves or cards for fun.

Has picked up a southern accent. She likes the 'debutante' style and tries to embody it.

Personal Information
Birthday : April 15th
Birthplace : The Amazon
Current Residence :Soon to be Elysion
Family :
Sailor Juno -Sister
Sailor Vesta -Sister
Sailor Pallas - Sister

Blood Type :
Orientation : Heterosexual
Significant Other:
Pet :

Fears :
Losing her sisters or the princess.

Also, she is not a big fan of fire..it kills her precious flowers.

Desires : To protect her princess and help restore the queen to her throne.

Habits :
Looking at herself in any reflective surface.

Using flowers to help her make decisions, picking the petals until the last one if left.

Pet Peeves :
Bickering - Even thou sometimes she is the cause of it Ceres hates when people or her sisters bicker

Childish acts - It bothers her to no end when people act immature and childish (pallas >> )

Strengths :
-Sense of family: with the four asteroid guardians being sisters their bond is strong which makes them formidable opponents.

Weaknesses :
-Her sisters: While they might all fight like enemies she loves them and is fiercely protective of them.

-Her Princess: Ceres loves the princess like a sister and is loyal to a T which will lead her to scarfice herself at a moments notice.

Personality Traits :
As the oldest and leader of the group Ceres oozes maturity and leadership often taking initiative and directing the others...most of the time. While she is those things when it matters Ceres can be just as petty, immature and fun loving as her sisters. Ceres is also what others might consider 'sexy' the more femme fatal type she uses her looks and womanly charms to get thing she wants in the world.

Vain is also another word to describe her, as the self proclaimed 'sexy one' Ceres takes a lot of time on her appearance and can constantly be seen looking at her reflection or fixing her makeup. Ceres is very feminine, has expensive tastes, and can often be sly.

Some other things are:

Bossy - Being the oldest and the leader Ceres finds herself at times being rather bossy and demanding of the others.

Lazy- There are certain things Ceres would rather not do and she puts them off for as long as she can and once she finally does get to them she will do nothing but complain.


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