Welcome to Sailor Moon: Revelations. With War on the Horizon and the future-Queen held prisoner, will the Black Moon Clan triumph? Or will the forces of the White Moon rise from Elysion to take back what is theirs?

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Dates: Post Star City, in the Era of New Nemesis.

Weather: Skies are settling.

Black Moon Status: Those of the Black Moon Clan celebrate their victory, and name Diamond as the new King of Earth. With Serenity in his custody, the princess growing within her, and the Senshi having gone into hiding, their victory has come to pass. They build onto the Castle and create New Nemesis, opening shops and interesting places for their amusement, ready to start their lives anew here on the living planet Earth.

Citizen Status:After the destruction of much of Star City, it seems citizens have three choices laid out before them:
Give in, move into New Nemesis, and live under the rule of the Black Moon Clan.
Hide; stay where they are in Star City, or flee the area altogether, else survive by whatever means necessary until this crisis sorts itself out.
Fight. Join the Resistance, and take back Earth.

White Moon Status:Those of the White Moon, finding themselves surrounded and outnumbered, were transported to Elysion through Helios's powers. Now they plot, trying to find a way to win back the City, and the Earth, without risking their dear friends' life...

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Princess/Lady Rhea

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1Princess/Lady Rhea Empty Princess/Lady Rhea on Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:22 pm

Lady Rhea
22, Black Moon Clan

General Information
Aliases: Samantha Taylor.
Rank: Former Princess of Earth.
Status: Second Lieutenant; member of the Black Moon Clan.
Powers: Plant manipulation, and telekinesis. Teleportation, though only because of the earrings made from the Black Crystal that she was given.

Physical Description:
Pre-Dark Crystal Attack:
Tall and lean (5’9” and 120 if you must know), Sam isn’t as masculine as a certain blonde, but she also tends to be less feminine as well. While won’t often wear anything tight or girly, she won’t wear boys’/mens' clothing at all. She just likes being sporty and tomboyish, and is almost always wearing jeans, a long-sleeved shirt with a t-shirt over it, and sneakers. Her hair-styles tend to vary between a ponytail, a bun, a braid, or even down at times, but she’ll never wear it differently than that, and she’ll pretty much bite the heads off of anyone who suggests that she cut it. Her hair itself is long (it reaches her mid-back even in a braid), thick, slightly curly, and a very dark red. Though she will often wear her hair in the styles previously mentioned, her bangs are never pulled back. Her eyes are a dark blue-green, and tend to shift between emerald green and midnight blue depending on the lighting and her mood. Her face is really rather feminine; her features are delicate, but not full in any true “feminine” sense. Her body is lean and wiry, and though she does have curves, she doesn’t often show them off. Her skin as a pale olive, and though about half the scars she has come from sports, the rest come from her multiple (and obviously unsuccessful) suicide attempts. (The scars which riddle her forearms come from the use of razors, while the scar which encircles her throat is from the time she attempted to hang herself with wire.)

Her hair is waist-length, a dark shade of red, and very thick/voluminous, with waving curls; her eyes are most usually described as teal, but tend to shine a dark green or dark blue (ironically the same shade as Endymion’s) depending on the lighting and her mood. Usually, her hair is allowed to fall where it will, tied back only with a slim ribbon, or up completely for less ostentatious events, but for events of the highest importance, most of her hair is pulled back in to a thick braid, which is then coiled at the back of her head, allowing only small curled strands to hang from it; a tiara-like circlet of pearls is placed in her hair, and three tiers of pearl strands fit close about her throat. For any other occasion, she only wears the necklace, and otherwise wears no jewelry at all. Where make-up is concerned, her lips are always painted a dark shade of red, but this is all. Also worthy of note, is the fact that old habits die hard – she always (unless training) wears white gloves, as it was considered unseemly for a woman to engage in military training of any sort, during the time of the Golden Kingdom, she still hides the “shame” of her calloused hands and rough fingers/palms with said gloves. (For her training in military arts, her hair is worn pulled back into a single braid, with a spiked piece of leather braided within it.) Her skin is pale, and her physique is wiry.

Uniform: Her uniform, when not attired as befits a lady of royal blood, is really rather simple. For all intents and purposes, it is much the same as the armor worn by Joan of Arc. Despite this, it is less extensive, and far more lightweight (though no less durable) than that which it was intended to mimic. She does carry a saber, and though she knows how to use it, she prefers to use her powers more often than not. When not “in uniform,” she can be found wearing a gown of very dark peridot, with an under-dress of pale lime. The laces of her bodice are black, while the sleeves are plain, wrist-length, and fitted close to her arms; her shoes are heeled slippers of the same dark peridot of her dress. For other occasions (read: more formal ones) her gown is the more ornate. Said gown is based upon the same color scheme as all her others (dark peridot over dress, pale lime under-dress, and all accented with black) but that is where the similarities end. As with her every-day gown, the bodice is laced with black ribbon, and the sleeves fit close, but other than that, the gown is completely different. Both the under and over-skirts are edged with black, and the bodice is cut a good deal lower than that of her every-day gown. From her elbows down, her sleeves are three long tiers of lace the same pale lime of her under-dress, and the bodice is laced differently, allowing more of the under-dress to be seen than normal. When simply training, she can be found wearing a simple loose white shirt, black breeches, and black knee-high boots. She wears earrings made from the Black Crystal at all times.

Play-By: Dulce Maria.

Silver Millennium and Pre-Dark Crystal Attack:
Silver Millennium

Ever since she could remember, seven-year-old Rhea had always been told that she would one day be Queen. Of course, she would need to learn how to control her emotions better, first. That had never bothered her, as she was so good at everything else – she had been called a prodigy by many – so she just shrugged it off and said she would, but never truly saw any need to. So she got a bit more and mad sad at times than everyone else; what was the problem...? However, her world was soon to be turned upside-down, when the birth of a younger sibling was brought to her attention. (She had never been very close to her parents, so the fact that her mother had been expecting at all was news to the young Princess.)

She demanded immediately to see this... child, but for the first time she could ever remember, she was denied. This infuriated her. How dare they?! She was their Crown Princess, Heir to the Throne, those servants had no right to deny her! And so, permission or no, and despite the fact that a violent episode was on the verge of occurring, Rhea forced her way in to her parents' bedchamber. Though her parents were displeased with what she had done, it seemed that this was muted by the joy they had over the birth of their second child. She was told by her mother to come meet her younger brother, Endymion. Rhea froze, the words hitting her like a ton of bricks.

Brother. Brother. Brother meant that the child was a boy. A boy! No, her mind finally concluded, horror twisting her features into a grimace. Not just a boy – a Prince, the new Crown Prince. She had been displaced. She could see it in her parents' eyes. Not only had she been displaced in the succession – with a Prince, she would never see the throne – but she had been easily removed from her already-tenuous place in their hearts. That was the final straw. She snapped, her rage exploding in screams of disbelief and utter fury. She knew she was nothing anymore, and she despised that fact more than she could ever have put into words at the time.

And yet, much to her dismay, the world kept turning, and life went on. After she had been dragged from the room kicking and screaming, her new brother's wails mingling with hers, Rhea had been locked in her own bedchamber until she calmed down (all breakables had long since been removed). Though her lessons in etiquette and other such things continued, her military and political lessons lessened greatly. It wasn't until four and a half years later, during which time Rhea's hate had grown from a small seed into something much more dangerous, that things changed again for the young woman, this time for much worse than before.

Little three and a half year old Endymion had lost something of his – she had never cared to find out what – and had found it with incredible and astounding ease. The young Prince had simply said that he "could see" the item, despite the fact that he hadn't been even close to it at the time. The Head Priest from the Temple of Elysian, Helios, was brought in to be consulted upon the matter, and it was discovered that the young Prince possessed mild powers of his own, like those of the Silver Alliance. When Rhea was informed of this – even at just shy of eleven, she knew how to manipulate people into doing what she wanted – she flew into a rage far more destructive and far more dangerous and any had yet witnessed from her.

By the time she came back to herself, she found that the messenger had been impaled upon one of the posts of her four-poster bed. It seemed that, in her rage and fury, she had unlocked latent telekinetic powers - ones that were directly tied to her emotions. Rhea was overjoyed; if her parents celebrated Endymion's powers, weak as they were, then hers would be prized more highly for being the stronger! This, however, was no source of happiness from her parents. Emotionally and mentally unstable as she was, they feared for Endymion's health and safety around his elder sister. And so, before the month ended, she was sent away far from the Capitol, to live out her days in isolation.

However, being the kind of woman she was, Rhea's hate drove her to new heights. Being the Princess that she was, she had access to a vast sum of gold... which she used to pay for “tutors.” Her parents, it seemed, believed that these “tutors” were merely for academic study, and so allowed it without much care. Little did the King and Queen know, their daughter was a manipulative, and fast-becoming-cruel young woman. Her tutors did not merely teach young Rhea academics; they taught her of military strategy, of combat, and of the intrigues and facets of politics. Though years passed, and Rhea grew into what most called a beauty, she never cared for such. While she could easily have charmed anyone she wished to her bed, she would rather have spent her time in study and training.

Though she knew with bitter and grim assurance that none would ever acknowledge it, she drover herself to and past her own breaking point to become the very best – and then even to surpass that as well. However, nigh on fourteen years after what she viewed as her imprisonment by her spiteful and hateful parents, Rhea found that her tenacity and her will to never stop pushing herself forward had paid off. She was contacted by a messenger of a woman named Beryl, who promised her the glory she deserved – and, most importantly, the throne which was rightfully hers – if only she could have Rhea's aid in over-throwing the current monarchs, and in conquering the Silver Alliance was well. Though the Princess had never cared for their celestial neighbors, even if she did feel they had it right in being a matriarchal society, she jumped at the chance to make her parents and younger brother pay dearly for what they had done to her.

And so, armed with abilities honed to deadly caliber and nearly seventeen years worth of hate, Rhea followed Beryl into battle, and met her end on the Moon.

20th Century

Aside from the accident which took her family from her when she was four, Sam was always a very bright, very active child… but she was always also prone to bouts of uncontrollable emotion. In her younger years, this wasn’t much of an issue, though she did have trouble making and keeping friends. She lived her life as best she could, glad that the foster system she was part of never took her out of the school district, such that what friends she made were never lost. At least, not through that avenue; she often lost them herself, through her chaotic roller coaster of emotion, and her inability to control what she felt/expressed. Her foster parents were almost always wealthy, Catholic, childless couples who took her in mainly because she was a girl, and looked “fairly descent;” she discovered this soon enough, but figured it was better to have many sets of parents than none at all. She was quickly sent back from every foster home, however, when her emotional issues were discovered; thus, she began to hate the mold that she had always been shoved into, breaking it whenever she could. She also quickly discovered that none of them cared; this only screwed over her emotional state more to begin with.

Her life was like this, up, down, left right, all suddenly and without warning, her emotions exploding in every direction without rhyme, reason, or theme; even episodes of complete depression were thrown randomly into the mix. And yet, as she would eventually discover, it wasn’t as random as was originally thought. When she was seven, Sam met an older girl by the name of Amara Tenou. Both broken as they were, they managed to connect, though it was mostly on Sam’s part, and it seemed that the older girl couldn’t understand all the emotion Sam was feeling, let alone just how violently or depressingly the redhead felt it. But that didn’t matter to Sam; so long as she had one friend – the last few she had, had disappeared after an outburst of rage followed by a bout of sobbing – who would stick with her no matter what, she would be okay. She would find that she wasn’t going to be okay. The next six years passed in relatively quiet fashion, at least as quiet as her life could ever be, and then things started to go downhill.

When she was thirteen, Sam watched as Amara ran away from home, and came to stay with the redhead and her most current (and so-far longest-lasting) set of foster parents. Sam’s jealousy knew no bounds, when Michelle inserted herself into the picture; damn it, Amara was her best friend, where did that aquanette bimbo get off stealing her?! And yet, somehow, Sam managed to contain what she was feeling, if only just a bit. In the end, it was enough for her to see the situation clearly: Amara was beginning to feel, to know what emotions were, and that was thanks to Michelle. What right had she to say anything against it? That, coupled with the disappearance of the two in question when she was fifteen, triggered one of Sam’s most violent depressive episodes yet. She locked herself in her room, and cried for days, alternating only between this and throwing-things-against-the-wall rage once or twice. This was also when her first attempt at suicide occurred. That did it; as soon as she was released from the hospital, her current set of foster parents (not the same ones from when she was thirteen, however) sent her back to the orphanage so fast her head spun, screwing over her emotions all the more.

When she was sixteen, she was finally adopted by a couple who then promptly moved to Tokyo, Japan. Yanked to the other side of the globe, Sam’s condition only worsened. Her emotional highs and lows developed in to true mania and depression; her mixed episodes, though, were the most dangerous, as she had attempted suicide quite a few more times during them. However, as she had begun to wear a mask to cover her more extreme emotions, and as she was simply a loner so that she needn’t lose anyone else, it took two years for anyone to figure that there was something wrong with her. She was eighteen, when she was diagnosed with Bipolar Personality Disorder; after being prescribed medication, Sam began to get her life more in hand. She repeated her last year of high school, (thus graduating at nineteen, rather than eighteen) and pulled up her grades to a low A-average, but it was in martial-arts and sports that she excelled the most.

She attended college on a sports scholarship (she couldn’t decide between swimming and soccer, so she majored in both) but also minored in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing, and in Theology with an emphasis on Church History. (Her second minor stemmed from her having been raised as a Catholic.) She spent the first year of her college education attending Tokyo University, and then moved back to America when she was twenty. She reasoned that she needed to learn to live with her disorder, and away from her parents at that, or she would never be able to function properly. However, as she completed her sophomore year at Harvard University, she began to wonder about her birth family. While she knew that her parents had been killed in a crash when she was four years old, she has recently found that she has an older brother as well, and that his current age would have been twenty-four. That was all she could find, however; she may have had average hacking skills, but not even the “friends” who had taught it to her could have managed to get any more information. Now, at twenty-one and beginning her junior year of college, Sam hopes that she might be able to find her brother. She knows, though, that in a metropolis of roughly thirteen billion, armed with only a last name, she has her work cut out for her.

In the end, she did find her brother, and though things were rather awkward, by the time things went to Hell in a hand-basket, they seemed to have an amicable enough relationship. At least, that was how it seemed to be for Darien and Sam; in reality, Rhea had awoken the first time the two siblings had met, and was simply lying in wait – plotting and scheming her revenge. When the Black Moon Clan crashed the wedding (yes, she was there, even if it made things a bit awkward) Rhea asserted her dominance over the mind of the girl whose body she had been reincarnated into, and hid herself, when Helios transported those in attendance to Elysian, forcibly breaking the enchantment over herself when the need arose. When all was said and done, she had turned herself over to the custody of the Black Moon Clan, offering what information she had in exchange for a place among their ranks.

Other: The fact that Sam and Rhea both share a consciousness has come to create something of a Split Personality Disorder – though she can never take control of her actions for longer than very short periods of time, Sam is still very much present. It seems she’s taken a leaf out of Rhea’s book; she’s watching and waiting, gathering information and doing the best she can to undermine Rhea’s beliefs. She hopes that eventually a point will come where Rhea would willingly – if grudgingly – switch sides, so that they can eventually become a whole person, rather than two different people constantly fighting for control of the body they share.
Personal Information
Birthday: August 12th, 1989.
Birthplace: Star City, California.
Current Residence: Dark Crystal Palace.
  • Adoptive Mother: Anna Taylor, 40; Accountant.
  • Adoptive Father: Christopher Taylor, 42; Lawyer.
  • Older Brother: Darien Shields, 24; otherwise known as Prince/King Endymion.
  • Sister in all but blood: Amara Tenou, 24; otherwise known as Sailor Uranus.

Blood Type: B.
Orientation: Bisexual, though she prefers women to men.
Significant Other: None.
Pet: None.

Pre-Dark Crystal Attack:
  • First and foremost, Sam has a very deep-seeded fear of abandonment (her parents died when she was very young – too young to remember anything at all about them; she was shipped from foster home to orphanage to foster home more times than she could count during her childhood; and her one friend – her best friend – skipped out on her without warning), but that isn’t something she’s willing to acknowledge.
  • Never finding her family (she loves her adoptive parents to death, but… she’s always wanted to know about her real family).
  • Failing those she cares about.
  • Having her mental/emotional instability revealed on anything other than HER terms.
  • Being shunned/hated/ostracized because of her mental/emotional instability.

In all truth, there is one thing that Rhea fears above all others, and that is that she has been at fault this entire time – that she was never fit to rule, and that she has built so much of herself on nothing more than a lie.

Pre-Dark Crystal Attack:
  • To find her family.
  • To be loved for who and what she is, with both the good and the bad accepted without question.

The one thing Rhea truly desires is her motivation in just about everything – she desires to rule the Earth, as she has believed she should have since the time of the Silver Millennium.

Pre-Dark Crystal Attack:
Being ADD, Sam gets bored very easily, and will tend to doodle if she has a piece of paper and a pencil/pen, or will tap her fingers against her leg, the wall (if she’s leaning against one), or the table/desk if she’s in class. For any other emotionally-tied habit, she tends to “shut off” the emotion, and slip on a mask of complete calm. Otherwise, she just tends to have her hands in her pockets most of the time.

Rhea will habitually conceal her emotions, but aside from this and running her nails through the ends of her hair if she is agitated, she doesn’t really have any ticks or habits.

Pet Peeves:
Pre-Dark Crystal Attack:
She despises her own “weakness” – more simply, she hates her mental/emotional instability.

Rhea despises being underestimated/looked down upon/thought less of simply because she is a woman; other than this, her personality doesn’t really have room for things as petty as “pet peeves.”

Pre-Dark Crystal Attack:
  • She can read most people like open books.
  • She doesn’t break under pressure.
  • She can conceal her emotions behind a mask of calm.

  • Combat
  • Strategy
  • Emotionless mask

Pre-Dark Crystal Attack:
  • She isn’t the most social person in the world.
  • She doesn’t work too well with others.
  • She can hold a grudge from here to eternity.
  • She conceals her mental issues, and shirks her medication at times.

  • Calculating
  • Bipolarity
  • Hateful

Personality Traits:
Pre-Dark Crystal Attack:
In a nutshell, Sam’s personality is multifaceted, and often adheres much to astrological parameters. That is, when she lets it. Of course, it isn’t just influenced by Western astrology, in that her sign is that of Leo, but by her birth year being the Rooster in Chinese astrology. And yet, there are parts of her personality that are completely atypical for what is “usual” for these. She can be sunny on a good day, scorching on a bad one, but other than this, she tends to hide what she really feels behind a mask of contentment. That having been said, however; she feels everything to the nth power and beyond, even if she hardly ever allows herself to show it. One would never know what she really felt – let alone that she felt at all – unless she felt comfortable around them, or if they could see through her mask. However, since she isn’t the most social person in the world, no-one has ever gotten close enough to her to see through her mask, or for her to trust them enough to let down her mask and walls.

She wasn’t always this way, though. As a child, and even during her early teens, before Amara and Michelle left, Sam was just as carefree and happy as any girl in her situation could have been, if a bit more tomboyish than most, and with the tendency to extreme bouts of uncontrolled emotion. When her best friend – the girl she had considered her older sister – left, something had changed within her, and she has worn her mask ever since. That said, however, she also has a deeply rooted fear of abandonment, even if she won’t acknowledge it herself. This fear is due to her parents’ dying when she was young, being shipped from foster homes to the orphanage and then back to another foster home many times during her childhood and early teen years, and also from being “abandoned” by her best friend – her only friend – without notice and completely at random. Her being diagnosed with Bipolar Personality Disorder (and Attention Deficit Disorder) some years later, when she was eighteen, wasn't something that helped matters.

Of course, all of the above is only applicable if she hasn't shirked her medication. That's a bad habit she's trying to kick, in all honesty. When she isn't on her medications, she needs to be watched very closely, as one never knows when she'll cycle between dramatic episodes of mania and depression. However, she'll also have mixed episodes – a time when symptoms of mania and depression occur simultaneously – at times, which are, often, much more dangerous than either the mania or the depression, if only because she has previously (and often) attempted suicide while in this state, and had both anxiety and panic attacks. At this point in time, though, all of this is regulated by her medication, which mostly consists of lithium, an anti-psychotic, and an anti-depressant.

Rhea is, usually, calm and level-headed. However, due to her bipolarity, she has trouble controlling her emotions; well, the stronger ones, at least. When she is in control of herself and what she feels, she is cold and competent, and what most would call the perfect military leader. As to the times when she is not in control… she will range from so furious that none will dare approach her for fear of ending up dead, to so depressed that no-one will leave her alone, for fear that she will end up dead. Also, something to note – she despises her family, but wishes her brother dead most of all.

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