Welcome to Sailor Moon: Revelations. With War on the Horizon and the future-Queen held prisoner, will the Black Moon Clan triumph? Or will the forces of the White Moon rise from Elysion to take back what is theirs?

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Dates: Post Star City, in the Era of New Nemesis.

Weather: Skies are settling.

Black Moon Status: Those of the Black Moon Clan celebrate their victory, and name Diamond as the new King of Earth. With Serenity in his custody, the princess growing within her, and the Senshi having gone into hiding, their victory has come to pass. They build onto the Castle and create New Nemesis, opening shops and interesting places for their amusement, ready to start their lives anew here on the living planet Earth.

Citizen Status:After the destruction of much of Star City, it seems citizens have three choices laid out before them:
Give in, move into New Nemesis, and live under the rule of the Black Moon Clan.
Hide; stay where they are in Star City, or flee the area altogether, else survive by whatever means necessary until this crisis sorts itself out.
Fight. Join the Resistance, and take back Earth.

White Moon Status:Those of the White Moon, finding themselves surrounded and outnumbered, were transported to Elysion through Helios's powers. Now they plot, trying to find a way to win back the City, and the Earth, without risking their dear friends' life...

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Sir Ian: Knight of Mercury

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1Sir Ian: Knight of Mercury  Empty Sir Ian: Knight of Mercury on Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:51 am

Sir Ian

Sir Ian
White Moon
White Moon
Ian Miller
27, White Moon

General Information
Aliases : Sir Ian
Rank : Knight of Mercury
Powers : Enhanced strength and speed result of pledging as a knight

Physical Description : Ian is a tall guy, standing at around 6'3” he has bright blue eyes and a slight...very slight olive tint to his skin. He always has a bit of scruff going on, more like a five o'clock shadow thing but sometimes he will get a little more 'scruffy' looking when he is wrapped up in his work for days.

Uniform :

Play-By : Misha Collins

History : Ian was a pretty normal man before all of this happened. He was a computer programer for Google and enjoyed a pretty cozy, safe life. When the attacks started Ian was visiting his parents and brother and got caught in the cross fire, he lost everything that day. His parents were killed in the first attacks and his brother, Michael has been missing ever since. For days Ian wandered the war torn city, hiding where ever he could. The survivors all told stories about how the aliens would come and gather anyone that wouldn't join them and force them to work as slaves and that was something he wanted to avoid at all cost.

Finally, The Senshi found him. He had read about them before when they were still active and knew about how they were supposed to fight things like this but instead of fighting they gathered him and a few others they could find and took them somewhere safe. Ian spent the first day or two in the medical tent where he was cared for by some of the Senshi, after seeing this it got him thinking..He wanted to help do something and wanted to do something useful. He could fight...didn't theatrically want to but he could..for his parents and missing brother he could fight and help regain their planet. When he found that others thought the same as him and were pledging themselves to the Senshi to help fight he knew what he had to do.

Ian went to the temple and sought out the one Senshi he could identify with. Sailor Mercury. She was strong, smart, often the voice of reason and he felt a certain kinship with her. When his time came Ian knelt in front of the Senshi of Wisdom and pledged himself to her and now he fights along side the other knights and offers his skills and knowledge where he can.

Other : Is a bookworm/computer nerd. Very much preferring their company to that of actual people

Is a fit guy, despite his lack of social interactions Ian does take care of himself.

He is very observant and likes to be aware of his surroundings at all times.

Personal Information
Birthday : October 15th, 1984
Birthplace : Star City, California
Current Residence : Elision rebel camps
Family :
~ Martha Miller – Mother – Deceased
~ Johnathan Miller – Father – Deceased
~ Michael Miller – Brother – Missing

Blood Type : B+
Orientation : Straight
Significant Other: None
Pet : None

Fears : becoming a slave to these aliens that have taken over his planet.
Desires : To have his home back.
Habits : Ian gets very focused when he is working, its like tunnel vision and once he is in to something it is hard to get his attention until he is finished.
Pet Peeves : Ian hates when people think he is a pushover because of his quiet demeanor.

Strengths : Ian is a quiet and intelligent guy which he uses to his advantage. People usually don't pay him any attention and that allows Ian to scan his surroundings to form and calculate plans.
Weaknesses : His quietness, he isn't one to really immerse himself into social situations and has a hard time working in a team.

Personality Traits : Ian is a very reserved, quiet and smart man. He likes to keep to himself and would rather spend his time working with his computers than being around actual people, despite all of that he doesn't have that awkwardness some people have...He can talk to people just fine but usually finds that they have nothing intelligent to say and they are not worth this time. His quietness also makes me seem a bit intimidating, in most situations Ian will post himself up somewhere and not utter a word..instead he watches with cold eyes and takes in everything in his surroundings. It makes him good at intell and will often times volunteer himself as a scout to go out into the City and gather what intelligence he can and he does that fairly often when he isn't working with Sailor Mercury and the computer lab. Ian can be friendly and usually is, all you have to do is get him to talk...even when he doesn't he will never outwardly be rude to someone but most people take his lack of words as rudeness and don't give him much attention.

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2Sir Ian: Knight of Mercury  Empty Re: Sir Ian: Knight of Mercury on Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:37 am

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury
White Moon
White Moon
Yes~ My very first minion Knight! ♥♥


Sir Ian: Knight of Mercury  Fotoflexer_photo-18-1
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3Sir Ian: Knight of Mercury  Empty Re: Sir Ian: Knight of Mercury on Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:15 am

Sir Ian

Sir Ian
White Moon
White Moon
Yes my Lady, Sir Ian at your service


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