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Dates: Post Star City, in the Era of New Nemesis.

Weather: Skies are settling.

Black Moon Status: Those of the Black Moon Clan celebrate their victory, and name Diamond as the new King of Earth. With Serenity in his custody, the princess growing within her, and the Senshi having gone into hiding, their victory has come to pass. They build onto the Castle and create New Nemesis, opening shops and interesting places for their amusement, ready to start their lives anew here on the living planet Earth.

Citizen Status:After the destruction of much of Star City, it seems citizens have three choices laid out before them:
Give in, move into New Nemesis, and live under the rule of the Black Moon Clan.
Hide; stay where they are in Star City, or flee the area altogether, else survive by whatever means necessary until this crisis sorts itself out.
Fight. Join the Resistance, and take back Earth.

White Moon Status:Those of the White Moon, finding themselves surrounded and outnumbered, were transported to Elysion through Helios's powers. Now they plot, trying to find a way to win back the City, and the Earth, without risking their dear friends' life...

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The Cage (Diamond and Pyrite(?)

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1The Cage (Diamond and Pyrite(?)  Empty The Cage (Diamond and Pyrite(?) on Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:14 am

November 14th, 2011

Three days, three very long and horrible days had passed and Serena had not slept..she couldn't. How could she while she was here, in this awful place..this....dark palace. Diamond had told her that he designed it after the Crystal Palace of Crystal Star so it would feel more like home, that he wanted her to be comfortable and to make herself comfortable. Comfortable? Comfortable!? How could she possibly be comfortable here?! This place was dark, this place was evil...this place was crawling with her enemies and she could do nothing about it.

From the moment her feet had touched the polished black floors of the Dark Crystal Place Serena began begging and pleading with Diamond to let her go but, her cries fell of deaf ears and as he placed her in a room..her room and locked the door she lost whatever resolve she had left. The moment she heard the cogs of the lock fall into place, -a sound that was worse than anything she had ever heard before- Serena knew it was over.

There she was, standing in the middle of this alien room, this...prison in her wedding dress, having just been torn away from her one and only true love...As she stood there a sudden feeling of claustrophobia set in and Serena frantically ran to the large windows and tried to pull them open. Nothing. She rattled at the window and banged on the glass as tears began to spill from her eyes. She could feel herself starting to let go but she had to hold on...just a little longer, just long enough until she could escape and find her way back to Darien, and once she was safe in his arms she could cry all she wanted.

Stopping her banging Serena turned and rested her back against the cool glass, misty eyes looking around and scanning the room for something she could use. For the first time she got a good look at where she was. The room was large and circular with a domed, glass ceiling that gave a nice compliment to the dark walls and floor. A great deal of many beautiful things and furniture decorated the chamber, things that she may have been fawning over if the situation were different.

A large white vanity with jewelry, perfume and other necessities was against the far left wall nestled between two doors that probably led to a bathroom and closet. A beautiful white four poster bed with sheer, silvery material draped from the posts and canopy and a deep almost black, purple bed covering was across from that. A writing desk, full length mirror, shelves with rows of books, a chaise lounger and a changing screen were also dotted around and filled in with other decorative items like paintings and small statues.

Diamond had gone through great lengths to 'make her feel at home' but none of that mattered because she wouldn't be here much longer. As her blue eyes bounced around the various items in the room they settled on a small stone statue of a girl with a billowy tunic wrapped around her...it looked like a Roman or Greek statue that you would by at a flea market but it was perfect. Serena ran to the dresser the statue was on and picked it up..nearly dropping it, the thing was heavy but she could do it...she had to. Once she had a firm grip on the statue she carried it back over to the window and, after winding up she threw the statue at the window. Instead of hearing the sound of shattered glass like she had hoped the statue just bounced off as easily as if it was a pillow and fell to the floor where it shattered.

No... she said hopelessly as she fell to her knees and picked up the bigger remains of the statue before trying again. It was no use, every time she threw the larger chunks of stone it just bounced off and landed near her in smaller pieces. A look of horror washed over her as she realized what had happened and what that meant but Serena did not want to accept it. No..no no no no she quickly crawled from her knees, tripping over her wedding dress as she did, her heel of her shoe catching and ripping the bottom a little. No no no no she continued as she reached the chair of the writing desk and picking that up, throwing it at the window once she had carried it over. It just fell back to the ground. NO! She screamed, picking the chair up again, this time holding on to it while repeatedly hitting it against the glass until the legs finally broke.

Once the chair was destroyed Serena went and found anything else she could use until...until she had used everything in the room and fully destroyed it. Furniture was broken and turned over, books and papers littered the room, some of the sheer curtains on the bed were torn down as well as the curtains on the window the only thing that had survived other than the windows were the mirrors..seemed Diamond didn't want her getting any ideas.

It was this point, as she looked over the havoc she had caused that Serena knew there was no escape and she fell to the floor in a heap, turning to the side and curling into the tightest ball she could as she finally released the tears and anger she had been holding in. How could this happen? HOW?! Why was it that Darien and her were never allowed to live their lives happily? First, their past lives...having died for love. Then, all the trials they had been through...Beryl taking Darien and brainwashing him...Him losing his memories...then avoiding her and breaking up with her to protect her...Diamond the first time...Neo Queen Serenity falling into that slumber...Galaxia...(that was almost too painful to mention) so many trials and every time they had come out on top..had proven that they were meant to be together and on the one day that was meant to show the world their accomplishment..

Serena sobbed into the cold floor. Where was Darien? Was he still alive? Were the others? Were they hurt? Were they captured? Would they come for her? While she wished for nothing more she hoped not...Diamond had threatened the life growing inside her...the life that would grow into Rini and she could not risk that, would never risk that. No, she hoped they stayed until something was figured out and they would...they had to.

If only she had been smart enough to carry her broach with her. Serena should have known better than to never think something like this could happen..That was just it. Nothing like this was supposed to happen. It had been five years FIVE YEARS of silence and calmness, there had been no signs that she could see, no reason to worry but she should have always been prepared. How could she fail like that? How could she be so stupid?! Sailor Moon could put a stop to this madness..or could she? The last time she had faced Diamond face to face near the dark crystal the silver crystal did not work and she couldn't transform...would that be the same now? She was stronger than she had been before, the crystal was stronger but...So were they. They had to be to still be alive, right? There was also something different about the Black Moon this time, something she couldn't quite grasp...

More sobs as defeat washed over her. What was going to become of her? The last time Diamond had her like this he tried...She squinted her eyes shut tighter and shook her head. No, that couldn't happen. Serena still had nightmares about that night, about how helpless she was against his third eye, about how horrible it was to know he had undressed her, to know she could do nothing to stop him and that while she had no control over her body she was still watching..could still see and feel everything he was doing to her. No..he couldn't do that. She had a child to care for, had a life growing inside of her and she needed to be strong for that baby.

Her eyes suddenly snapped open. What about Rini? Was she safe? What was going to happen to her now that she was here? What if they didn't get to her before the baby was born...no....no..calm down. She wouldn't be here that long. Surely they would think of something before then.

Minutes turned to hours and hours into days as Serena remained there on that floor, crying until she had nothing left in her. After she cried herself dry she just laid there, numb. Her eyes starred blankly at the wall that was opposite her through the underside of the bed that she could see from where she was...her body was tingling all over, having long since fell asleep from her not moving for so long, deep and dark bags were under her eyes from crying and not sleeping or blinking but she didn't care. She was a prisoner...a small white bird in a large and dangerous cage.

During her time on the floor many people had come into her room. Maids who were appalled at the state she had turned things, maids who brought her food and tried to get her to eat..to change, to move..but their pleas fell on deaf ears. She ignored them and did not move and if anyone tried to touch her she curled herself up tighter. Serena knew that she should eat..the baby needed food, she needed food and while logic told her that Diamond would not do anything to kill her she couldn't be too careful. What if he put something in her food that would hurt the baby?

A knocking sound as one of her maids...she couldn't recall her name nor did she care. -Serena didn't listen to them when they talked to her- opened one of the large double doors and walked into the room and set down another tray of food while taking away the old one. She passed the old tray off to someone before walking to the closet and disappearing, coming back a few minutes later. There was something swaying with the woman as she walked...some kind of material that she set on the bed and after saying something else to her the woman left the room, shutting the door she came into behind her once more and locking it.

It wasn't long before someone else was coming through the door but this time no knock...the door opened and a pair of familiar white pants and shoes came into her awkward vision from the floor. She knew who those belonged too....what more did he want from her? What else could he possible do to her to prove that he won? There were several things and those thoughts made her curl up even more and more tears tried to fall but, there was nothing left, she had cried them all out. He was walking toward her, kneeling down and speaking....reaching out to her. As she saw the hand Serena turned her head away, the first movement in so long was not a very pleasant one but it was better than being touched by him.

OK, so Serena has had her meltdown and after refusing to do anything for so long Diamond has finally had enough of her nonsense and is coming in to make sure she eats something and gets dressed for the ball they are having..not giving her a choice otherwise.


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2The Cage (Diamond and Pyrite(?)  Empty Re: The Cage (Diamond and Pyrite(?) on Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:50 pm


Diamond had told the maids to report to him after each visit to Serena. he didn't think anything of it when she hadn't eaten anything or changed the first day. the second day had him thinking of going to her room. now today on the third day and the maid telling him she still hasn't eaten or changed let alone moved he made his decision. He made his way through the halls towards her room. as soon as he stood outside the door he unlocked it. As soon as he walked into the room he saw her curled up on the floor. He walked over to Serena’s position on the floor. "you should eat something." He said kneeling down next to her and holding out a hand toward her to help her off the floor. when she just turned her head away it took all he had to keep his composure. she wanted to do this the hard way he would play. Diamond lifted her up into his arms before standing again at this point undeniably happy he had forgone his cape for the time being. He walked over to the bed setting her down on it being careful of the dress sitting their. Than he moved over to the tray of food and walking back over with it in his hands.

When he made it to the bed he sat the tray down next to her. He looked at Serena and motioned to the food. "Eat" he simply said leaning against one of the bed posts. he crossed one leg in front of the other and crossed his arms watching her to see what she would do. "we have a ball to attend later so you will want to eat." he added as an after thought. He was done paying around if she didn't eat on her own he would feed her himself. he was not leaving this room until she was fed and dressed. He was still watching her from his position to see what she would do.

3The Cage (Diamond and Pyrite(?)  Empty Re: The Cage (Diamond and Pyrite(?) on Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:27 pm

You should eat something she heard him say. You should let me go she thought but no words came from her mouth. Serena did not want to talk to him, didn't want to look at him, there was nothing she had to say to him that she hadn't already said..a hundred times over. But, it seemed Diamond had other plans and as hands slid under her Serena's eyes clenched shut tight. It hurt to move..or be moved. Her body screamed at her, stiff bones and muscles moving for the first time in days.

As he carried her Serena remained as she was, silent, still and with closed eyes. Wherever he was taking her she did not want to know. She had lost her will to fight...how could she when the life of her baby was on the line? When Diamond set her down on something soft Serena dared look, eyes peaking open as she saw herself sitting on the bed and he carrying over the tray of food. Eat he told her, it sounded more like a order than a request.

Serena sat there staring at the ground, staring at her empty ring finger as Diamond continued speaking...something about a ball and how she would want to eat. She didn't hear him but it didn't matter. She didn't want to go, she would rather stay locked up in here than be paraded around like some trophy. When he didn't leave her to eat alone Serena took her eyes away from her empty hand...it was too painful to look at and she slowly brought her unblinking eyes up to look at Diamond. Why are you doing this? She asked him, her voice distant and raspy from not being used and dry from crying. He might want her to eat but she wanted answers.


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4The Cage (Diamond and Pyrite(?)  Empty Re: The Cage (Diamond and Pyrite(?) on Thu Aug 16, 2012 2:11 pm


He stood watching her look down at her ring finger and rolled his eye's. Why are you doing this? he almost hadn't heard her "hmm why am i doing what?" he asked not at all seeming interested. he looked towards the window so he could see outside. he started thinking for a moment about his victory yep it felt good. their had been a brighter atmosphere round the palace. what made this even better was the fact that emerald and her laugh had not been their for the last several day's. he shuddered at just the thought of the woman why he had brought her with him yet again he couldn't figure out. he turned his attention to the room he had heard of what had happened the first day but it seemed like the maids did a decent job cleaning the mess up for the most part.

He decided to try a different approach "you should really eat it's not just yourself that your hurting by not eating." he said indirectly referring to the baby. maybe that would get her to eat unfortunately getting her to go get dressed probably wouldn't be as easy. He watched her out of the corner of his eye while still looking out the window.

5The Cage (Diamond and Pyrite(?)  Empty Re: The Cage (Diamond and Pyrite(?) on Thu Aug 16, 2012 4:43 pm

He was mocking her. He was mocking her pain. Serena looked at Diamond as he brushed off her question with another question, how could he be so cruel, why wouldn't he just answer her? Fresh tears stung the corners of her eyes as he continued to nonchalantly talk to her...telling her that she needed to eat because she was eating for two. She knew that but right now she didn't care, she wanted her answers!

Serena stood, wobbled for a moment but she recovered and picked up the tray of food and threw it at Diamond. ANSWER ME! She yelled at him with angry tears why did you do this?! I tried to help you...I never did anything to you for you to do this!


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6The Cage (Diamond and Pyrite(?)  Empty Re: The Cage (Diamond and Pyrite(?) on Sat Aug 18, 2012 1:52 am


He looked at her and blinked a few times than looked at his cloths to see them covered in food. she threw the tray at him. he was having a hard time actually believing it happened. he looked back up at Serena and blinked a couple more times before his eye's grew hard. to say he was not amused wouldn't even begin to cover it he was livid. he dropped his hands to his sides and stood up from his relaxed pose against the bed post.

He clenched his fists at his sides trying to keep a resemblance of calm it just was not working to well. "I tried doing this the nice way but that doesn't seem to be working." he hissed through his teeth. "I am going to go change and while I’m gone I will be sending someone with another tray of food you have better have eaten and changed by the time I get back or I will do it for you." he said brushing off the questions she had asked. he turned around walking towards the door storming out. He slammed the door behind him before locking it.

As he walked he flagged down a maid and gave his orders to the terrified woman who scurry off to do as he bid. He soon made it to his room and started to change out of the food covered clothes he already wore. he than made his way back to the room Serena was staying in and stood outside the room.

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