Welcome to Sailor Moon: Revelations. With War on the Horizon and the future-Queen held prisoner, will the Black Moon Clan triumph? Or will the forces of the White Moon rise from Elysion to take back what is theirs?

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Dates: Post Star City, in the Era of New Nemesis.

Weather: Skies are settling.

Black Moon Status: Those of the Black Moon Clan celebrate their victory, and name Diamond as the new King of Earth. With Serenity in his custody, the princess growing within her, and the Senshi having gone into hiding, their victory has come to pass. They build onto the Castle and create New Nemesis, opening shops and interesting places for their amusement, ready to start their lives anew here on the living planet Earth.

Citizen Status:After the destruction of much of Star City, it seems citizens have three choices laid out before them:
Give in, move into New Nemesis, and live under the rule of the Black Moon Clan.
Hide; stay where they are in Star City, or flee the area altogether, else survive by whatever means necessary until this crisis sorts itself out.
Fight. Join the Resistance, and take back Earth.

White Moon Status:Those of the White Moon, finding themselves surrounded and outnumbered, were transported to Elysion through Helios's powers. Now they plot, trying to find a way to win back the City, and the Earth, without risking their dear friends' life...

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Prince Endymion

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1Prince Endymion Empty Prince Endymion on Fri May 04, 2012 10:35 pm

Prince Endymion
24, White Moon

General Information
Aliases : Darien Shields
Rank : Leader of the Resistance, Prince of Earth, Future-King
Status : Golden Crystal Holder
Powers : Psychometry (dream-reading, healing, psychic-location on Earth); Attacks through touch and hands, made more powerful in his angered state; Golden Crystal

Physical Description : Endymion is an imposing figure, his very demeanor occasionally causing weaker people to shrink away from his haunted, pained, or angry blue gaze. While before his eyes could be described as cruel and piercing, now they are nothing but, seeming to see straight into someone to illicit the truth from them without mercy. He stands at a height of six feet, three inches and uses it to bear over people, intimidation his middle name. With the recent past weighing heavily on his being, his beautiful, perfect face is marred with scowls overlying his inner pain.
His mischievous quirks are all but disappeared. His dashing smiles and tender glances, history. With Serena gone, so is his happiness and peace, and his appearance shows it.

Uniform : Prince Endymion has transformed into his armor of the Silver Millennium: a long sleeved, high-necked black jacket, ornamented with golden piping on the sleeves and the chest and a strip of golden piping at the neck with ornamentation that mirrors the chest design; it is complimented with a pair of black slacks, most of which are covered by a pair of dark leather boots, knee-high with a tough covering to protect his knees. The ensemble is completed with a long red-lined black cape that hangs from his shoulders, held in place with golden chains attached to silver decorative buttons. This outfit is complimented with strong, shining iron shoulder guards and a metal encasing for his torso that stretches from ribline to hips, breaking on either side to cover the upper parts of either leg. A long sword, encased in leather gilded with gold with an iron pommel and bronze crossguard, rests at home on his hip, strapped in place with leather. New additions to this uniform is a golden hoop in his left ear, his golden sun-shaped pendant pinned to his breast, and Serena’s wedding ring strung onto a necklace he constantly wears around his neck.

Play-By : Joseph Gordon-Levitt

History :
Darien was orphaned on his sixth birthday.
The doctors delivered the news to him after he awoke from his surgery as he lay recovering in his hospital bed from a severe concussion. When they told him of his parents’ deaths, his atypical emotionless reaction caused further alarm; shortly thereafter they determined that the damage to his head during the accident had triggered amnesia. As time wore on and he recovered, it became more and more clear that the memory loss would be long term. When it came time to leave the hospital, the doctors and nurses sadly agreed – on that day in early August, Darien Shields lost his parents in more than one way: he would never again see or be with them, nor would he remember anything about them. From friends of the fAmyly they retrieved a picture for the young boy to hold on to, to remind him that even though he was alone, it had not always been that way. They hoped it would bolster his spirits, keep him strong and give him a small token of happiness.
Unfortunately, the photo had an opposite effect.

The boy was moved to an inner-city children’s center in Star City, a home for children in similar situations. As the Japanese culture is proud, especially of bloodlines and the expectation for children to take care of their elderly parents, the ‘orphanage’ housed several other children; however, many of these children were still tied to their parents, taken out of their fAmylial homes for being abused or due to the parents’ inability to take care of them, but not many that were true, adoptable orphans. Even in Darien’s case, though both of his parents were dead, he was unadoptable as they were unsure of any other fAmylial ties of his that may still survive. Tied by invisible bonds, Darien was never taken into a true fAmyly. He stayed with people who were caretakers in function only – there was no affection there; they fulfilled their responsibilities, but he never felt protected or loved.

School was a miniature oasis for Darien: he was intelligent, quick thinking, and athletic. His peers looked up to him for seeming mysterious and studious, as he was oftentimes quiet and stoic, but while he felt more confident in the scholastic atmosphere, this attention and admiration by his peers did nothing to take him out of his shell.
Darien chose to leave the orphanage at the earliest age possible – 15. He had just graduated from middle school and had been accepted to the district high school, his excellent grades forcing admissions to see past the stigma of being an orphan, or “throwaway child”, and taking a chance on the boy. But even as he was proud of leaving, he had nowhere to go, no one to turn to; he felt very much alone.
Though contact with an affable teacher from his middle school, Darien was able to secure an apartment, and he worked hard during breaks to work up enough money to afford such a place.

At the very beginning of his first year in high school, Darien started to notice subtle changes in himself. For instance, minor scrapes and bruises seemed to disappear before they fully formed; overall he found he healed much faster than anyone else. Sometimes he felt like he could almost see other places on Earth… but that second week of his second year really took the cake. He started having a dream – the same dream, over and over again. It was a dream not typical of his norm – there was no darkness, no scream, no overwhelming sense of being alone and unwanted. … it was a voice. A voice calling out to him, a voice filled with love and urgency.
At first it was only that name. A name he did not recognize, called faintly, almost as an echo across a vast space. As the weeks went on he gained more information – the girl was calling for him, begging him to find the Legendary Silver Crystal. At first she only asked he find it; but later she told him it would help him recover his memories. Soon all his waking thoughts were turned one direction – to find the Silver Crystal.
He didn’t know where to start, but if it were a crystal he bet that jewelers would know of it.
The first jewelry shop he chose to visit almost turned him away at first sight. He was 17, a student, and obviously not of much money; however, this only served to strengthen his resolve – he would find a way. The first step was attire – and what better way to look rich than to wear a tuxedo?
Thus he became Tuxedo Mask, the supposed thief. Never had he stolen anything – if he did break in (which was not often) it was only to have a quick look around for anything silver… and crystalline. Nothing more. And so it went – Darien Shields by day, studying hard to make the most of his future; Tuxedo Mask by night, haunting the city for the silver crystal as the Princess haunted his dreams.
On one night, when checking out a jewelry store after a surprise sale, he came across a strange sight…
And so he met Sailor Moon.

Within a few weeks things suddenly came into place. Serena Tsukino, the cute middle schooler he couldn’t keep away from, was the ‘pretty sailor-suited senshi of love and justice’ Sailor Moon. As she found more and more of her guardians it became apparent that they were searching for the same thing – the Legendary Silver Crystal, he for his memories, they for their lost princess. And it appeared they had found their princess in Sailor Venus… until that day at Star Tower.

He had tried to keep her safe. He failed before, but that time he succeeded – in protecting Serena, in finding the princess of his dreams, and in locating the Silver Crystal – but the wounds he sustained were far too great. What he remembers of that night is his victory – that he had saved her for once. There was a bright light, a warm sensation, and suddenly Sailor Moon was the girl from his dreams – he couldn’t be more sure of it. But then the villain returned, and everything went black.

There was a great deal he couldn’t remember from that time forward, up until awakening blind to the world amongst what he felt was a huge and terrible battle. Sailor Moon… he instinctively knew she was there, knew she was frightened, and so, in lieu of her scouts whom he could not sense, he supported her as best he could. He encouraged her, telling her what he knew to be true of her, and lent her his strength. She was using the crystal, he knew, and in the end, they triumphed. Only then could he tell her what he felt for her, but years of dismissal and emotional segregation strained his words, and though he could only tell her that he’d been wanting to hold her for forever, he felt she knew what he meant.

Finally he was whole, as memories of this life and the past rushed forward into his empty mind, filling those years of blank memory with recollections so rich and vivid they were enough to keep him busy for years. Memories of a kingdom, Elysium, of which he was the crowned prince; memories of his parents there, the King and Queen, and of the court; memories of the castle, the gardens, the temples… memories of his best and dearest friends, the Four Heavenly Kings who were both friends and advisors, mentors and comrades… Kunzite, Nephrite, Zoisite, Jadeite… who had sacrificed their gemstone bodies in the battle to stop the holy blade from killing him. And there, sparkling at the end of his previous life, was her. Princess Serenity, sneaking around in his gardens just to catch a glimpse of him, evading her guardians to spend time with him in his world… their midnight walks in the moonlight, their conversations, her kisses…

and then that terrible period wheRayen Beryl rose to power, convincing even his Shitennou that the Moon Kingdom was spying on the Earth and that we should wage war upon them. He could do nothing to stop her evil, and in the final battle he had died protecting the one he loved most. Serenity... Serena. They had been given a second chance, a new life with both new and old memories to share together. The miracle of their rebirth was incredible, and one that he would be forever thankful for.

It was not too long afterward that their happy lives were interrupted by an unexpected visitor, a pink-haired lonely young lady who also had the name Serena. Almost immediately Darien felt connected and intrigued by the girl, from the strange visions of a crystal palace he received whenever he held her hand, to the all-too-fAmyliar feeling of intense loneliness that surrounded her like a shroud. He took it upon himself to cheer her up and watch out for her – Serena had given him so much love and understanding, and he knew the best thing to do with that gift was to share it with others. He and Rini formed a tight bond that eventually led her to share her secrets with him. They discovered who the new enemy, the Black Moon Clan, were, where they came from and what they were after. She revealed why she hunted for the Silver Crystal and Sailor Moon, and he and Serena’s senshi decided to help her, to go into the future to save Crystal Star City.

It was odd meeting his future self, but from King Endymion they learned even more about what had happened... besides finding out that he was to marry Serena (hooray!) and they would ascend the throne of Earth and eventually produce an heir… Princess Small Lady Serenity, the pink-haired little girl they had been calling Rini. In the future their adventures continued – Serena was kidnapped by the leader of the Black Moon Clan, a group of rebels who had been sent to a faraway planet, Nemesis, in exile, but had returned intent upon gaining control of the Silver Crystal under their ‘advisor’, Wise Man. He saved her, brought her back, only to have Rini taken from them and brainwashed. There was a gap in his memory then, too, for a while, but when he came-to Rini was back to normal, but their new ally, Sailor Pluto, was dead. In the defeat of the Black Moon Clan, little Rini gained the power to transform into a pink version of Sailor Moon, the hold on her aging ceased. They defeated the Black Moon clan and returned to the past with a tearful farewell to his future daughter… only to have her return to them with a note, asking them to train her as the protector of the future.

Even with the defeat of the Dark Moon Clan, their lives never returned to normal. After the enemies from the future came enemies from another space, the Death Busters. The fight was terrible, but resulted in new allies – the outer sailor scouts, Sailor Uranus and Neptune. Pluto also returned to them, and when everything was over, the trials and tribulations Rini faced with a young girl named Hotaru, and what Serena faced when the scouts Uranus and Neptune refused to be on her side – the world was safe again. Sailor Saturn, Hotaru, was reborn again and lived with the outer scouts, and they all found out a little more about how the Silver Millennium ended.

And still they were not safe. During solar eclipse came the rise of the Dead Moon Circus. That adventure held as many twists and turns as the others, but for Darien, things got more personal. He learned of Helios, his own guardian, the priest who prayed for Earth’s safety and worked with him as Prince Endymion. They learned of the Golden Crystal, the Star Seed of Earth, and that it slept within him. When finally it awakened, both he and Serena were able to use the combined powers of the Silver and Golden crystals to destroy Nehelenia, all cumulating in a ceremony that the cat guardians, Luna, Artemis and their future daughter Diana, said was similar to a coronation ceremony. It seemed now, at least, everyone would be safe and life would return to normal. He graduated high school as Serena and her friends entered it, and of all the universities Darien applied to, one prestigious institution in America stood out in his mind.

They made a tough decision… he would go to Harvard. It was something he had always dreamed about – to be accepted into such a esteemed school and be able to study there, his intellect challenged and his mind growing. It was tough to leave Serena alone, but it would only be for a year, and they would write to each other all the time. Once he was set up, he would take on part-time-jobs so he could phone her every weekend to catch up… and to hear the sound of her voice. There was only one thing to take care of… a promise ring. He had always intended upon marrying her – she was his world, his exact compliment – but as he stood he didn’t have the means to support them. She was only sixteen, and he hadn’t properly spoken with her father, so at this moment, all he could do was buy an engagement ring and use it as a placeholder for his promise. When he returned, they would get married.

He gave her the ring when she came to see him off at the airport. She looked like she was going to cry she was so happy… but that was all he could remember before an intense pain overcame him.

After that, he was lost in darkness… until, at last, he reawakened in a bright, shining place where everything seemed to glitter. It was warm and felt safe, comfortable… looking around he saw, to his surprise, Mina. Beyond her, appearing as suddenly as the blonde had, were Raye, Amy, Michiru, Hotaru, Lita, Setsuna and Haruka. Before anyone could say anything, they received a call for power. It was her. Serena was up there somewhere, asking for their help… and they gave it.

When she appeared some time later, after a warm meeting, they discovered that they were within the Galaxy Cauldron, the birthplace of star seeds and sailor crystals, the place where those seeds and crystals returned when they died. They were given a choice then, to remain here, in the cauldron together in eternal peace, to return to their lives and continue living, or to be reborn. He fully supported Serena’s decision to return. She was absolutely right…

He proposed to her a few years later, and, just as King Endymion said, they were married when Serena turned 22. Crystal Star City was built, and they had their daughter, Princess Small Lady Serenity, and it seemed a happy ending…

But when they were in the future, a taboo was broken. Sailor Moon met her future form, Neo-Queen Serenity, and Pluto had warned that it might disrupt the flow of time. They had already witnessed this disruption once – Rini told them stories of Sailor Moon’s ‘Ultimate’ form, her Super Sailor Moon incarnation, but when they defeated Nehelenia, Serena turned into Eternal Sailor Moon. That should have been her ultimate form; it should have been the chalice that Rini remembered, not the grail; the eternal fuku, not the super. And then there were the outer senshi – Rini had no recollection of them, either Uranus, Neptune or Saturn, and while they could have been posted on their respective planets for quite some time, he doubted that they wouldn’t visit within the 900+ years of Rini’s existence. Perhaps, in the timeline of Rini’s mother, the outer senshi never awakened. Perhaps Beryl was followed with another incarnation of chaos that made them seek the grail, but afterwards their lives had been peaceful up until the Black Moon Clan’s invasion. Or perhaps the future that Rini hailed from underwent changes along with Rini’s development as the present came across new villains… for he knew now to be on the lookout for the Black Moon clan, and he was sure that they would find a new solution entirely for the exiles as to eliminate the problem before it had a chance to happen. Time was confusing; if they already knew of the Black Moon clan and did something to advert that happening, Rini never would have visited the past, which would create major changes in their own timeline and they wouldn’t remember to stop the Black Moon in the first place. Perhaps it was their destiny to let the Black Moon Clan come… Perhaps he should leave this line of thinking to Sailor Pluto and focus on this life.
Their future had already changed, and so they had no idea what it would hold.

But together, they would face it.
His wedding was supposed to be the happiest day of his life; instead it started him on a downward spiral, ending with everyone camping out in Elysion as his world, his Earth, his love… was taken from him.

Other : [s]Darien[/s] Endymion has cracked, blaming everyone and especially himself for what happened. His is infinitely more aggressive, demanding, and moody than before.
Personal Information
Birthday : 3, August, 1987
Birthplace : Star City, California
Current Residence : Elysion
Family :
~Wife: Serena Shields
~Long Lost Sister: Samantha Taylor

Blood Type : A
Orientation : Heterosexual
Significant Other: Serena Shields
Pet : none

Fears : All of his fears came true. Serena is gone, he lost her. He allowed her to be taken from him, allowed her to be kidnapped by a maniac. He is broken; he has no fears.

Desires : spoiler=Pre-Dark Crystal Attack]Having such a lonely childhood, a castoff from society, Darien’s only desire growing up was to be left alone, thinking himself incapable of love; but then the dreams came – the only hope he had of recovering the forgotten memories of before the accident – and for a time his only wish was to recover the Silver Crystal to unlock his past, but along the way this desire, too, shifted, instead taking root in protecting a civilian-turned-hero, Serena a.k.a. Sailor Moon. When their past lives were revealed to them, and through the adventures and trials they have faced ever since, and the incredibly strong connection between Serena and him, Darien’s one true wish has never been anything but to protect her, the girl he could never live without.
To somehow save Serena, to rescue her against impossible odds and make her safe again.

Habits :
Pre-Dark Crystal Attack:
Darien has the habit of tuning out of conversations best left to girls – something he occasionally finds himself in the middle of with his fiancée – which can get him in deep trouble with the blonde, often resulting in the crocodile tears she uses against him, a tactic he has only managed to deal with through time. When nervous, Darien tends to tense up, to pull into himself, occasionally bouncing his heel when sitting down; when afraid, he works hard to think his way through a situation, usually his personality disappears entirely as he puzzles his way through the dilemma; else, he finds Serena to make sure that, if nothing else, she’s safe.
Darien/Endymion has the nasty habit of lashing out against people, even allies. He demands more of them than logically possible, blames them more than anyone should have a right to. He's prone to raging outbursts followed by fits of self-depreciating depression; it's best for others to leave him alone, even when it's best for him to be surrounded by friends. A physical habit he has is to hold and stare at Serena’s wedding ring and loose himself.

Pet Peeves :
Pre-Dark Crystal Attack:
Being around the girls has exhausted Darien’s earlier pet peeves – such as respecting his personal space, not cluttering up his apartment with messes, speaking quietly around him, respecting public appearances, (the list goes on, really) - but has only reinforced one: Never belittle a girl. If ever Darien is around someone who is showing disrespect to a woman, telling a girl she couldn’t do something based on her gender, or spewing any other non-feminist comment, he doesn’t tolerate it and cuts the offender down to size verbally.
Failure by any subordinate. Anything less than perfection.

Strengths :Unshakable: Not anymore
• Intelligent
• Steadfast and Stoic: Now 'Stubborn'
• Emotionally strong: Not anymore

Weaknesses : • Occasionally suffers from identity crises: Currently in an identity crisis
• … occasionally brainwashed: this time, he's brainwashed himself.

Personality Traits :
Pre-Dark Crystal Attack:
Darien Shields is an A-blood type through and through, embodying many of their characteristics so much that he could be a spokesperson for the type: People with the A blood type are very calm and level-headed. They make plans and keep them. They make an ideal of what they should be, and try to stick to that ideal. They are very firm, reliable, and trustworthy, but they can also be very hard-headed. From a distance, Type A people may seem aloof or withdrawn. They try to suppress their own emotions, giving the impression that they are very strong. However, they do have a fragile and nervous side. They try to avoid confrontation, and feel quite uncomfortable around others. They are very polite, but somehow feel that they never fit in... -- The Oracle

To expand upon one specific line in the above, “However, they do have a fragile and nervous side. … feel quite uncomfortable around others … somehow feel that they never fit in”, Darien’s reticent nature has a lot to do with his being orphaned at such a young age and living within the orphanage environment for so many years, never quite feeling like he had a home or had someone who loved him; indeed, he often wondered if he was even loveable. Many insecurities stem from those early formative years, including several crises of self; occasionally, wondering who he is and what he is meant for can send him into a depressed state.

Something that the personality typing did not pick up on are Darien’s mannerisms. He’s articulate and has excellent manners, treating everyone he meets with the utmost respect. He often reaches out to those in need, helping those who need it without expecting anything in return; his nature is kind and generous. He is very direct when he has a problem, aiding him in his scientific mindset, and, above all else, Darien is always sincere.

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